Area: Plain of the Damned

Monsters in this zone: Level Type
Bonded Bone Imp 57 Monster
Bosskar 58 Named
Cursed Legion Centurion 56 Monster
Cursed Legion Dragoon 58 Monster
Cursed Legion Halberdier 56 Monster
Cursed Legion Praetor 56 Monster
Cursed Legion Soldier 56 Monster
Darekuur 58 Named
Darlekthol Vanquisher 57 Monster
Fickle Ebon Imp 57 Monster
Frost Siren 57 Monster
Furious Mugato 56 Monster
General Virkan 59 Named
Kalash Breacher 58 Monster
Kelba Worker 58 Monster
Ksharan Archer 58 Monster
Ksharan Archpriest 58 Monster
Ksharan Dreadweaver 58 Monster
Ksharan Rager 58 Monster
Ksharan Reaver 58 Monster
Ksharan Shadowweaver 58 Monster
Ksharan Swordmaster 58 Monster
Ksharan Vanguard 58 Monster
Lorcada Defender 57 Monster
Maligos Conquerer 57 Monster
Mekonari Necromancer 57 Monster
Popori Technician 58 Monster
Prisoner Transport 58 Monster
Selvereth 59 Named
Tarnos 59 Named
Tempest Siren 57 Monster
Tersa 58 Named
Thulsan Charger 58 Monster
Thulsan Destroyer 58 Monster
Thulsan Grunt 57 Monster
Thulsan Juggernaut 57 Monster
Undead Polykind 58 Monster
Vengeful Wraith 57 Monster
Vicious Runekeeper 57 Monster
Warkul 58 Named
Yunaras Snaggletooth 60 Monster
NPCs in this zone: Title
Amarvand Centurion
Andevin Lorcada Defender
Aniha Hunter
Anusi Blacksmith
Asena Lorcada Defender
Aumong Lorcada Defender
Behzad Lorcada Defender
Bridin Lorcada Defender
Buron Centurion
Castantic Engineer
Champion's Tombstone
Dorice Lorcada Defender
Evitia Lorcada Defender
Farida Coordinator
Gember Lorcada Garrison Quartermaster
Georc Coordinator
Gridus Lorcada Defender
Human Engineer
Karrteh Centurion
Khauliq Hunter
Khubyar Prefect
Krok Centurion
Lamis Blacksmith
Laria Coordinator
Luilong Lorcada Defender
Monument to Kaia
Munim Blacksmith
Mussan Blacksmith
Nessa Lorcada Defender
Omal Lorcada Defender
Renton Lorcada Defender
Sember Lorcada Defender
Senelin Centurion
Shaigar Lorcada Defender
Taronish Centurion
Tarut Centurion
Teleportal Labyrinth of Terror
Teleportal Molten Chamber
Thordis Lorcada Defender
Vaern Lorcada Defender
Zanok Blacksmith
Quests in this zone: Level Repeatable
Liberating Our Land 58
Demon's Scream 57
Courage in a Bottle 58
Cure for Deadly Venom 57
Create a Purification Totem 57
To Firebase Audacity 57
Crimson Pyrites 58
Eliminate Thulsa's Cavalry Brigade 58
Horns of the Heroes 58
Enemy Supplies 58
Stoking the Furnace 58
The Pavor Favor 58
Necro-Tech in Action 58
Isolated Soldiers 57
The Coming Storm 58
Darekuur the Twice-Beheaded 57
Heartless Beasts 58
Keep the Scouts Away 57
Dead for Good 58
Reclaim the Furnace 58
Against the Praetors 57
Tempered With Blood and Fire 58
Fur the Federation 57
Tarnishing Tarnos 58
News Flash for Habere 57
The Worthy One 58
Assault the Assaulters 57
Reinforcements If You Please 58
Cold as a Witch 57
An Offer You Can't Refuse 58
The Deal of a Lifetime 58
It's a good deal all around. 58
Thulsa's Doom   59
Into the Furnace 57
Labyrinth of Terror   58
The Harbinger of Annihilation   59
Materials for Miracles   59
(Guild) Suppression Orders: Cursed Legion 57 1
(Vanarch) Suppression Orders: Cursed Legion 57 1
(Vanarch) Suppression Orders: Furnace Occupiers 58 1
(Guild) Suppression Orders: Firebase Attackers 58 1
(Guild) Suppression Orders: Raven Troops 58 1
(Vanarch) Suppression Orders: Firebase Attackers 58 1
(Guild) Suppression Orders: Yunaras Snaggletooth 59 1
(Vanarch) Suppression Orders: Yunaras Snaggletooth 59 1
Suppression Orders: Habere Besiegers 57 1
Suppression Orders: Firebase Attackers 58 1
Suppression Orders: Furnace Occupiers 58 1