Area: Island of Dawn

Monsters in this zone: Level Type
Acharak 8 Monster
Acharak's Soldier 8 Monster
Cromos 7 Monster
Dark Marauder 7 Monster
Dark Raider 9 Monster
Destroyer 11 Monster
Devoted Ebon Imp 9 Monster
Disc Reaper 9 Monster
Docile Terron 1 Monster
Dwarf Guardian 7 Monster
Dwarf Orcan 7 Monster
Elder Ghilliedhu 2 Monster
Gentle Pigling 3 Monster
Ghilliedhu 1 Monster
Hardened Ghilliedhu 3 Monster
Horned Ghilliedhu 4 Monster
Kariagon 9 Monster
Kugai 12 Named
Noruk 1 Monster
Orcan Guardian 7 Monster
Orcan Raider 7 Monster
Pigling 3 Monster
Ponderous Sporewalker 5 Monster
Prowling Cromos 9 Monster
Rockcrawler 5 Monster
Rockcrawler Cleaver 5 Monster
Rockcrawler Tumbler 3 Monster
Runekeeper 11 Monster
Scion Scout 10 Monster
Shaggy Noruk 7 Monster
Sickly Noruk 3 Monster
Sporewalker 5 Monster
Stonebeak Brigand 3 Monster
Stonebeak Highcrest 3 Monster
Stonebeak Raider 3 Monster
Terron 1 Monster
Terron Chief 1 Monster
Terron Lama 7 Monster
Terron Ringleader 3 Monster
Terron Saboteur 7 Monster
Terron Thief 3 Monster
Terron Thrall 9 Monster
Training Dummy 1 Monster
Vekas 4 Named
NPCs in this zone: Title
Adrastus Guard
Ashak Prefect
Axelle Dock Manager
Ayrdoss Guard
Barsabba Centurion
Cassia Guard
Chione Courier
Clovis Patrol
Cole Guard
Darius Patrol
Dulari Researcher
Edan Centurion
Eria Arcanist
Feargus Primus
Fili Outrider
Gregor Outrider
Helier Guard
Islene Patrol
Jamila Guard
Jehan Researcher
Joram Guard
Junia Tactics Instructor
Kaeden Guard
Kamarnu Assistant Researcher
Kirash Outrider
Kishale Centurion
Lam Legate
Leander Magister
Lehrane Guard
Leiyane Flight Master
Leolin Guard
Lorin Guard
Menek Guard
Merrick Envoy
Milun Apprentice Priest
Neely Guard
Neziir Centurion
Nienahl Guard
Nivek Centurion
Palesk Outrider
Perrin Lancer
Priscus Engine of Mischief Guide
Ramun Herald
Rania Assistant Researcher
Rehiya Guard
Riel Prefect
Rivem Porter
Sersine Arcanist
Taleb Legate
Tanli Centurion
Verele Guard
Verus Lancer
Volis Magic Instructor
Wystan Guard
Zaccai Guard
Objects in this zone: Type
Detector Stone
Krymetal Ore Gatherable
Sun Essence Gatherable
Teleportal Karascha's Lair
Verdra Plant Gatherable
Quests in this zone: Level Repeatable
The Secret Life of Trees 5
Dawn's Early Light 1
Making the Rounds 1
Another Fine Mess 1
A Bridge Pretty Near 1
Dwellers of the Island 3
Initial Berserker Training 2
Unrest in the Forest 1
Getting Some Answers 1
Hunting the Beasts 1
Essence and Sensibility 3
Garrison in Distress 4
Elleon's Fate 6
Investigating the Relics 7
Painful Disc-overies 9
Bequest of the Dead 9
Special Delivery 7
Traces of Darkness 7
Essence of Foreboding 8
Live by the Sword 8
Acharak Attacks 8
A Clue In the Dark 8
Redeployment 9
Into the Gorge 9
Strange Attractors 10
Sersine, She Seeks Shackles 9
Putting the Pieces Together 11
Answers Lead to More Questions 11
Dark Revelations   11
Ride Off Into the Sunset 11
Initial Priest Training 2
Initial Warrior Training 2
Initial Slayer Training 2
Initial Archer Training 2
Initial Mystic Training 2
Initial Sorcerer Training 2
Initial Lancer Training 2
The Perfect Cut 4
Going Above and Beyond 4
I'll Take the High Road 5
Mana out of Mudmen 5
Supply and Demand 4
They'll Eat Anything 7
Ferocious Flowering Felons 4
It Was a Rock...Crawler! 6
Twice the Bark, Twice the Bite 7
Introduction to Gathering 3
Recharge It 3
Always After Me Lucky Charms 3
Horned Horrors 5
Bombs Away 4
Academic Theft 4
The Dark Patrol 9
Chione's Missing Cargo 8
Searching for the Stolen Stones 8
Chione's Report 8
Destroy All Destroyers! 11
Gotta Kill 'em All 7
One of Our Couriers Is Missing 8
Desperately Seeking Sorcha 8
Sorcha's Reckless Challenge 8
Supply and Demand 4