[][0] PVE DPS Build

Created By Gyradoser
Level 0 Glyph Build   30/-10 Points
Combo Attack
5 Pts, Lvl 20:  10% chance to increase attack speed 15% for 10 seconds.
Knockdown Strike
6 Pts, Lvl 20:  Increases skill damage by 25%.
3 Pts, Lvl 25:  Increases skill damage by 25%.
Overhand Strike
6 Pts, Lvl 20:  50% chance to eliminate cooldown.
Heart Thrust
6 Pts, Lvl 38:  Increases skill damage by 25%.
4 Pts, Lvl 38:  35% chance to eliminate cooldown.
Optimal PVE 40 Slayer glyphs.
  • #1   Sei   May 13, 2012
    Not bad. The only thing I would reconsider is the retaliate glyph since being knocked down doesn't happen all that often if things are going well. I'd go for Restorative Overhand Strike which is 5 points, and can be pretty handy to gain back HP--especially against clusters of mobs.

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