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Created By Gyradoser
Level 0 Glyph Build   29/-10 Points
3 Pts, Lvl 58:  Decreases cooldown by 29%.
Arrow Volley
3 Pts, Lvl 26:  Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 75: Incendiary Trap.
Penetrating Arrow
7 Pts, Lvl 20:  Eliminates slowed movement restriction.
2 Pts, Lvl 58:  Increases range by 3 meters.
Radiant Arrow
5 Pts, Lvl 58:  35% chance to increase skill damage by 100% when attacking normal monsters.
Poison Arrow
5 Pts, Lvl 22:  Speeds casting by 30% for Radiant Arrow, the next skill in the chain.
Final Salvo
4 Pts, Lvl 24:  50% chance to eliminate cooldown.
Optimal level 58 PVE Archer build. Feel free to use remaining points where you please. :)
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