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Created By Gyradoser
Level 0 Glyph Build   24/-10 Points
Arun's Vitae
3 Pts, Lvl 28:  Speeds casting by 25% for Arun's Tears, the next skill in the chain.
Mana Infusion
3 Pts, Lvl 20:  Increases casting speed by 25%.
Teleport Jaunt
3 Pts, Lvl 20:  Decreases cooldown by 15%.
Titanic Favor
6 Pts, Lvl 20:  Increases number of lock-on targets by 1.
Titanic Wrath
5 Pts, Lvl 26:  Increases effect duration by 35%.
Arun's Tears
4 Pts, Lvl 28:  Speeds casting by 25% for Arun's Vitae, the next skill in the chain.
Optimal level 40 PVE Mystic build. Use remaining points where you please. :)
  • #1   BakaCirno   July 7, 2012
    There are several problems with this build.

    1) When you solo PvE, it's better to use Thrall of Healing instead of Arun's Vitae and Mana Infusion instead of Arun's Tears. You've wasted 7 points on Glyphs of Blaze which are of little to no use during PvE combat.
    Even if you want to do BAMs in a party, you'll be using Titanic Favor much more often than Arun's Vitae, and consequently, you won't be needing chains of Arun's Vitae -> Arun's Tears and vice-versa.

    2) The glyph for Teleport Jaunt is only useful in PvP and useless at PvE, because teleporting once puts you out of enemy's range. Teleporting the second time is useless, and it only will happen 25% of the time.

    3) Increaing the duration of Titanic Wrath by just 7 seconds is not worth the 4 points spent. At level 40 a typical PvE combat lasts less than 20 seconds, and you'll have to cast it again before the next combat starts regardless if you use Glyph of Lingering or not.

    4) Where are the glyphs for increase in damage for skills? Without them, the combat will last much longer and you'll be attacked by monsters more often. Then you'll have to use Wrath of Healing, wasting even more time and MP.

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