[Lancer][60] Lancer PvE End-Game build (Advanced Glyphs included)

Created By kilika829
Level 60 Lancer Glyph Build   50/50 Points
Stand Fast
6 Pts, Lvl 26:  Increases skill damage for the next chain skill by 25%: Shield Counter.
2 Pts, Lvl 26:  Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 115: Shield Counter.
Shield Bash
3 Pts, Lvl 58:  Decreases cooldown by 25%.
4 Pts, Lvl 58:  Increases effect duration by 25%.
Challenging Shout
6 Pts, Lvl 20:  Provides 20% additional aggro.
5 Pts, Lvl 58:  Increases endurance by 21 upon successful hit.
3 Pts, Lvl 58:  Increases casting speed by 25%.
Shield Counter
3 Pts, Lvl 26:  Provides 100% additional aggro.
4 Pts, Lvl 58:  Decreases cooldown by 20%.
6 Pts, Lvl 28:  Increases effect duration by 100%.
Iron Will
5 Pts, Lvl 36:  Increases damage absorption by 25%.
Lockdown Blow
3 Pts, Lvl 58:  Provides 50% additional aggro.
Glyph of Powerlink - Augments your main threat building ability, Shield Counter
Glyph of Influence - Not necessary if you have greater infused charms (which you should for any serious runs), but good value for the 2 points. Drop this if you don't have the advanced glyphs with reduced costs

Shield Counter
Glyph of Energy/Resounding - More interrupts and 6 second stuns. Gives your dps windows to act freely, as well as time for you to taunt with no risks.

Challenging Shout
Glyph of Threat - Challenging Shout has the highest threat value of your core skills (105k), no reason not to make it even higher.
Glyph of Grounding - With Challenging Shout's 10s cooldown, this buff has a whopping 80% up-time. 21 endurance is akin to a major endurance charm. Helpful with bosses with unpredictable patterns with kill potential on you such as HM Kaprima.
Glyph of Haste - Less vulnerability time during taunts and gives you precious time to re-position/interrupt/build more aggro.

Shield Counter
Glyph of Threat - Bread and butter aggro build with Powerlinked. 2 hits of shield counter generates around the same aggro of one taunt.

Glyph of Energy - More interrupts. Also allows you to use Master Leash every other time.

Glyph of Lingering - Need this to keep it on 100% uptime.

Iron Will
Glyph of Warding - Glyphing this increases your EHP greatly, since it stacks with damage reduction from armour and crystals. Iron Will before taunt for more safety.

Lockdown Blow
Glyph of Threat - Lockdown blow is a fast filler skill that does good damage and aggro.

Why no 20% mana regen or 5% aggro on auto attacks?
You're going to die or lose aggro if you auto attack for mana in HM's. Use greater infused and pots.

No debuff glyphs on Leash?
Not worth the points on a 20 second cooldown. Use leash for interrupts instead. Great PvP skills though.

Infuriate cooldown glyph?
You're going to be using it once per fight, most likely. And that's either when you die or during the final boss burn.

Adrenaline Rush glyph?
The three core skills, Challenging Shout, Shield Counter, Lockdown Blow, are extremely fast already. Besides, A Rush's cooldown is disgusting.

Pledge of Protection Glyphs?
These have great value, but as long as you hold aggro and your dps is competent, they shouldn't be getting hit too often. 1 minute cooldown is good enough for certain situations.

Priority: Shield Counter -> Challenging Shout -> Lockdown Blow

Use Shield Barrage as filler, but only combo to Spring Attack if it's 100% safe, as the transition animation is stubborn. Auto-attack into onslaught only if there is absolutely nothing else to do.

Shield Bash is either used on cooldown or saved for interrupts. Using it as an interrupt on certain bosses is risky since a resisted stun means you get chunked, but can be extremely effective on bosses such as Lancer in FoK or Kaprima's "Puny" as their animation is lengthy and a resisted stun doesn't mean half of your HP is gone.

Use Leash to interrupt crucial tells and skills. You can also use it to buy time for your team on certain mechanics, as it applies a mini-stun (ie. HM Crab, HM Blue Kuma). Can also be used as a last ditch attempt if someone overthreats.

There are times, especially in HM, where some really cheesy shit happens and you have no window for a clean taunt. In that case you will have to man up with Iron Will and attempt a naked taunt.

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