TERA Battlefield System

Created By Gyradoser
The battlefield system is for players between the levels of 40-50 who wish to formulate groups and fight players from other servers. Yes, that's right, it's basically a cross-server platform. Sounds awesome right? Depending on what kind of battle style you'd like, there are two kinds of battle fields: Fighting Spirit Battle Field (투지의 전장) and Honorable Battle Field (명예의 전장). Players can only formulate and register teams at the main town's Battlefield Gatekeeper (전장 수문장).

*Players can see whether or not they are eligible for battlefield via this icon on the mini-map.

Fighting Spirit Battlefield (투지의 전장)

This type of battlefield is smaller and similar to the earlier discussed group dueling and, is in short, a battle to the end between your group and your opponents. There are some interesting barrels throughout the battlefield map that contain items which will aid you in your fight, so keep an eye out for them!

Honorable Battlefield (명예의 전장)

This type of battlefield is much larger and requires two parties to join forces against another two party team. The style is also a bit different because instead of straight up whacking your opponents, it is instead more like "capture the base" (거점 점령). This style of PVP is much more complex, and requires organizational and leadership skills in order to be victorious.

The Leader and their Skills

Leaders play a vital role in the Honorable Battle Field system and as so, are given skills to assist their team.

Location Chaser (위치 추적)
The enemy's location is revealed for 10 seconds.

Meteor Explosion (불덩어리 작렬)
Throws roughly 10 meteors to a location designated by the leader. The meteors will damage both allies and enemies.

Commander's Blessing (지휘관의 축복)
Increases HP regen to all nearby allies.

Commander's Salvation (지휘관의 구원)
Increases MP regen to all nearby allies.

Making a Team for Battlefield

To make a team or party for battlefield, you must first go to the town's gatekeeper. When you find him, you then speak with him and click "create team". In addition, upon creating your team, you will be prompted to select a team name and password.

In addition, you can invite specific individuals to join your team if you'd like via the Invite button.

Joining a Team and Beginning Battle

If you would like to join any random team, you go to the same NPC, and a current team list will appear. When you see this list, you simply click "join" on the team you'd like to battle with. Once the team roster is full and ready, the leader will click "ready to fight" which will initiate the opponent search process.


Once the battle is over, each member of the winning team will receive badges that can later be traded to purchase PVP-based gear.

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