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Mobile Campfires

Having access to a campfire when one’s condition is low is vital to one’s success in the game. However, it would be indeed inconvenient if every time you needed a campfire, you had to return to a nearby town. As we lightly mentioned in previous articles, aside from campfires located in town, players are able to acquire and purchase these mobile campfires and use them in areas where a campfire is not nearby. They generally restore 1 condition percent every 3 seconds and, to ensure you don’t waste them for no reason, if a campfire is nearby you, the game will not allow you to double-click it in that specific area.


While campfires are traditionally used to recharge one’s condition, they also serve another important function. Throughout your TERA adventure, you will receive various "charms” and when used near a campfire, it will give you a special buff that lasts up to 15 minutes. You are able to obtain up to 3 buffs, and using these charms when your condition is high is beneficial because the higher your condition, the more effective the buff of the charm becomes.

Questionable Charms (의문의 부적):

Increased Strength (힘 증가)
Increased Crit Rate (치명타 발생증가)
Increased Attack Speed (공격 속다 증가)
Increased Knockdown Rate (다운 발생 증가)

Weird Charms (이상한 부적):

Increased Defense (맷집 증가)
Increased Resistance to Critical Attacks (치명타 저항 증가)
Increased Resistance to Debuffs and Curses (상태 약화 저항 증가)
Increased Resistance to Knockdown (다운 저항 증가)
Increased Resistance to Continuous Attack (지속 피해 저항 증가)
Increased Resistance to Stuns (행동 불능 저항 증가)
Increased Chance to Counter-Attack (데미지 되돌림)

Mysterious Charms (신비한 부적):

Increased Max HP (최대 HP 증가)
Increased Max MP (최대 MP 증가)
Increased HP Regen (HP 지속 회복)
Increased MP Regen (MP 지속 회복)
Increased Walking Speed (이동 속도 증가)

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