Condition System

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Whether it be grinding to your heart’s content, or questing for a continuous period of time, fatigue builds up and your “condition" slowly goes down. In TERA, your character will often experience these fatigue spells and even worst, your condition will reduce down to 0 upon death. Having a poor condition, like in real life, will result in a weaker status which may make you more vulnerable. Therefore paying close attention to the condition of your character will be to your advantage.

Checking Your Condition

When a character is not in a resting position, it sometimes may be difficult to check your condition. Normally, there is a small heart icon on the top-left corner of your screen near the HP/MP Bars and it can be moved for easier viewing but, even so, it is still difficult to tell what your exact condition. However, when your character enters a resting phase, the icon will become enlarged and move to the center of your screen. It will also display your condition % at this size.

Your Condition's Effect

When your condition % is high, your maximum HP/MP will increase along with it. When it is normal, your HP/MP will remain normal. However, when your condition gets too low, your HP/MP will drop with it.

0% ~ 23%
Bad - HP/MP decreased

24% ~ 47%
Normal - unchanged

48% ~ 119%
Good - HP/MP increased

Best - HP/MP increased to its peak

Recharging Your Condition

There are three main ways to increase back your condition:

Camp Fires: normally located inside towns, you can also make them yourselves with the appropriate materials. Just standing near the fire will make your character enter the resting phase and will increase your condition.

Obtain Holy Water of Vitality (활력의 성수): these are dropped by various monsters and will increase your condition to 100%.

Go to the Rest Wing in town (휴식의 신관): you pay an NPC at this location to recharge your condition to the maximum, 120%.

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