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Let’s say there are two players fighting the exact same monster at the exact same time. If both players are the same level, equipped with the same gear and skills, logically speaking, both should be able to kill their respective monsters at the exact same time, right? WRONG! Like the real world, such logic doesn’t exist in Tera. So what makes each player different? Let’s find out.

What are Crests?

Simply speaking, Crests are like seals that players acquire in order to enhance their skills and spells. Each spell or skill can use certain Crests (sometimes more than 1) to enhance their effectiveness, and these Crests are acquired via ‘Crest Points’. Like all things, however, there are limitations. Each class will acquire roughly 20 Crests throughout their game play. In order to register all the available Crests there are for your class, it would require approximately 110 Crest Points. Even at the max level (currently 60), the maximum amount of points a player can obtain is 45 points, so attaining all Crests is impossible. So it is best to keep that in mind when customizing your character’s build!

Where to get Glyphs

When a player reaches level 25, he or she will be able to go and buy Crests from a class specific vendor. At level 25, players are awarded 10 starter Crest Points, and from that point on, extra points are attained as you level up. (Note: Some Crests will cost more than 1 Crest Point!)

In addition, players can also do the quests, “Appropriate Prize” and “For the Greater Strength” in order to acquire an extra Crest Point. This quest is highly recommended!

How to Register Glyphs

If you reach level 25 and don’t see the ‘Crests’ tab in your skill book, don’t panic! Players must first purchase Crests or get it as a quest reward, and then register it before they can begin viewing their Crests tab. From that point on, the Crest tab should always be available.

When you purchase a Crest from a vendor, it will appear in your inventory and at that point all you need to do is drag it to your Crest tab or right click-it (useful for when you initially don’t have a Crest tab). But remember, you cannot register your Crests without having Crest Points!

Removing Glyphs

Have no fear! If a player makes a mistake or does not like the learned Glyph, he or she may simply go to the Glyph Vendor and reset it. 11,900 Gold is required per 1 Glyph Point reset.

  • #1   crazycanuk2   May 1, 2012
    Great info, but I think they have named these Glyphs in NA version.
  • #2   J-Sword   March 18, 2013
    Things are different from F2P patch. :D

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