Pandora's Box

Created By Gyradoser

Pandora’s Box is a general merchant item in TERA that is essentially used to gamble other items. What do you mean gamble? Well, basically, you use these boxes to attempt to multiply quantities of a desired item or change its properties. However, remember, that like most gambling, there is a chance of failure and when you fail, you get nothing!

Box Types:

Pandora's Box: Increase Quantity
Chance to increase the quantity of a specific item.

Pandora's Box: Change Property
Chance to change a specific item to another item.

Pandora's Box: Crystal Change
Chance to change the crystals level and properties.

Using Pandora's Box

In order to use a Pandora’s Box, the player must first be in the resting phase and have the item they’d like to gamble ready. If both those requirements are satisfied, you then go to your inventory and right-click the box, which will then cause a new window to pop-up. Once you see that window, you drag the item you want to gamble into the appropriate slot and then press the "accept the challenge” button.

If it fails, both the item and the box will be destroyed. However, if you do succeed, hopefully the outcome you hoped for came true. We bid all you good luck in your gambling escapades!

  • #1   Shantred   April 24, 2012
    These have been removed from the NA version of the game.

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