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As many of you already know, TERA is a huge world with a vast amount of territories and, lazy people like me may find that over time it is not worth the time and money to walk. Thus, TERA has created two methods for players to transport to their desired location more efficiently: Teleportation NPCs and Teleportation Scrolls.

Hunting Zones Teleportation NPCs

The world of TERA is divided into several areas with several different subdivisions. Special NPCs within these areas will help players to teleport to specific hunting zones within their domain, meaning that not all Hunting Zones Teleportation NPCs share the same teleport options.

Town Teleportation NPCs

These NPCs help players travel to other towns. Like their hunting zones counterpart, you cannot travel to towns that you have not yet discovered and, sometimes you may not be able to go due to level restrictions, even if you have already been there before.


In regards to the above NPCs, perhaps teleportation is a misleading word as you are not really "teleporting” to these locations. Maybe you’ve already guessed it but, the reason you are allowed to travel to these locations with such swiftness is due to our winged-friend, Pegasus.

Using Pegasus

After selecting your desired location, a mini Pegasus icon will appear on your mini-map. Once you click the icon, you will begin your flying adventure with Pegasus. Make sure you enjoy the flight as he will indeed charge you money!

Teleportation Scrolls

Teleportation scrolls have a 5-minute cool down and can be used by right clicking it or using the shortcut you bound it to. These scrolls are in many situations far more convenient than the NPCs and are without-a-doubt necessary for your safety.

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