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What's PK Mode?

So, I’m doing a quest, minding my own business, when a jerk decides to come and steal my quest monsters. I warn him once, twice, and it’s become apparent that he doesn’t care. I could obviously at this point play the “nice guy" and just move to a different spot but, revenge sounds oh so much sweeter. How do we do this? PK them!

Unlike the other discussed PVP modes, declaring PK on another player is entering battle with them without their consent (obvious much?). However, declaring PK on someone will result in a penalty and the penalty gets progressively worst the larger the level difference is between the two players. This was designed to help prevent from higher level players bullying lower levels.

Declaring PK

To declare PK on someone, you right click your target and select the appropriate option in the quick menu. After declaring, PK mode will engage after 5 seconds. However, before you can even select this option, you must purchase an “Evil God’s Seal" (악신의 인장) and these can be purchased for 1500 gold each.

*Keep in mind that, the amount of Evil God’s Seals required to PK someone varies by your level, and the level difference between you and the other player.

PK Mode Debuff

Once both players have entered PK mode, both players will receive a debuff once engaged called “Heroine’s Effect" (해로운 효과) which lowers your movement speed by 50%. In case you didn’t catch that, BOTH parties of the battle will receive this debuff, regardless of whether or not they initiated it.

Evil God's Seal Required to PK

The reason you need Evil God’s Seals to PK another player is because, in the world of TERA, players are guarded by the Goddess Velik’s protection. However, using the seals will reduce her protection, enabling you to kill the specific target. Unfortunately, not all zones allow you to PK others because they are within Velik’s Circle of Influence, so declaring PK on other players within them would be futile. On the other hand, if you are not within her circle of influence, provided you have the appropriate amount of seals, you may declare PK on the player and have 1 minute to complete your battle, or else PK mode will automatically disengage.

* You can see whether or not you are within Velik’s Circle of Influence on your mini-map.

Party PK

If a player is within a party and decides to declare PK mode on another player, the entire members of that party will also enter PK mode. Accordingly, if the person who received the PK declaration is also in a party, all his members will enter PK mode as well.

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