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I bet every once in a while, the endless grinding and questing to be #1 really gets to a person. Luckily, your time and energy will not be done in vain as TERA has developed a PVP System for you all to flex your muscles!

Standard 1v1 Dueling

A duel can be initiated with another individual by doing one of the following:

Non-UI Mode (Normal): type /duel [id]
UI Mode: select target and then type /duel or right click the character and press "request duel".

Either way, the duel will begin after 5 seconds upon the other character’s acceptance and will end whenever one of the participants reaches 1 HP.

Group Dueling

The group dueling system of TERA is one aspect of the game that truly separates it from the rest. Unlike most games, you can form groups of up to 20 players and initiate a duel with another group. What makes it even more special is that, not only can these be done in normal zones, but groups can set up wagers with money or items. Sound interesting? Well here’s how it works:

You must first make a "Duel Room": in order to start a group duel, one player must first create the duel room. To do this, you go to the UI menu, click “Community", and then press Group Duel. The room leader will be able to make announcements, advertise, rules (i.e. winning requirement), discuss and setup bets, recruit participants, etc.

The leader will then choose whether or not to make their group duel public or private. If they choose to make it private, they must right-click the desired player and send them a group duel invite. If the player accepts, they will be able to enter the room and participate. However, if the leader has instead decided to make the duel public, players can simply view a “Group Duel Room" list and join.

Only the room leader will be able to arrange and change the teams. The leader is also the only person who can start the duel, even if the groups are uneven. However, all participants must check “ready" before the leader can even initiate it.

1. Team Formation Window
The leader and the groups arrange their formations here.

2. Group Creation and Options
The leader and group will choose whether or not the battle is public or private, and will also choose the requirements for victory.

3. Bets and Wagers
This area allows you to go into the window required to establish a wager.

4. Item Bets
This area will allow you to bet items.

5. Bet Totals
This area will show you the combined total bet of each team.

6. Winning Requirement
This window will display the winning requirement to the participants.

7. Bet Information
This window will show the expected amount each winner will receive if a bet was placed.

8. Advertise
This button will initiate a window to setup an advertisement to recruit others to your battle.

9. Ready Button
This button will signify whether or not you are ready so that the leader can initiate the battle.

10. Leave
This button will cause you to leave the battle.

Before duels are initiated, players can bet items on whoever wins and the winning team will receive all bets at the end. If players want, they can also setup 1:1 duels in a group duel room (as there is no minimum player requirement) and establish bets.

Once the duel begins, it will remain until the winning requirement has been fulfilled (usually when all players of one side’s HP has been lowered to 0).

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