Getting Started with the Codex: Guide Creation

Created By Gyradoser
Interested in contributing and creating a guide? Want to help the community? Have a desire to show others your wit? Well, have no fear! Our site was created to empower our users to help contribute and make guides in a quick and easy fashion.

I. How to create a Guide
  1. Login to the Codex (if you are not yet registered, please click here)
  2. Go to the top-right hand corner, hover over your login id, and click on 'My Codex':

  3. Within 'My Codex', you should be able to view all submitted guides, create new guides, and make guide edits.
  4. To create a new guide, please click here:

  5. You should enter the following screen. Within this screen, you will be able to make a guide to your heart's content.

    *Please remember to fill out all fields as accurately as possible and refrain from abusing these entries. Not doing so can lead your guide to being removed.

  6. To upload an image within the guide, please click 'Upload Image'. After you click this, you will be prompted to select the image you want to place within your guide. After you press 'Open', a special [IMG] Code will appear. Please place this code within your Guide Content for the image to appear!

  7. To create a Glyph Build Guide, please make sure to select 'Glyph Builds' under Guide Type:

  8. To attach the appropriate Glyph Build image, please click the following (I would highly advice you open this in a new window by either right clicking the link and selecting 'Open link in new window' or hold the 'Ctrl' button and click) :

  9. After you have selected the appropriate fields and configured your "ideal" build, please make sure to copy the following link:

  10. Return to the Guide Creation page and paste the link in the appropriate field. Please make sure to also select the appropriate class and level for your guide:

    To add more value to your Glyph Build guide, we highly recommend you also add additional details in the 'Guide Content' section! :)

  11. As you do your guide, please make sure to continuously SAVE it by pressing the 'Save Guide' button. After you've clicked the 'Save Guide' button and are ready to submit your guide, the following should appear:

  12. Once finalized and ready, click 'Submit your guide' and you're good to go!

II. Rating Guides
  • To rate a guide, please be sure to click either the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down icon on the appropriate guide page.

  • Why's this important? Rating guides gives context to the community to know which guides offer reliable, accurate, and AWESOME information. Please be sure to take advantage of this feature!

  • III. FAQ
  • Something is broken? I have a great idea to improve these features!
    Great! To submit your reports and ideas, please go to the following links and post them there: 'Report a Problem' or Feedback
  • #1   mishii   April 21, 2012
    What about if you want to add a completely new item to the database? Leatherworking only has one item, and it'd be pretty easy to go through the skill list in game as you come across new recipes and add them. I'd be happy to do that, but I can't see how...


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