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When you think of Berserkers you think of a front line fighter that is designed to get into the fray, and attack brutally. And that is exactly what the Berserker class does. The Berserk class does not dodge, or otherwise avoid attacks. Instead Berserkers wear heavy armor and block with their Axe. This allows them to stay in the fray at all times, when another class might be forced to evacuate in preparation for a particularly large attack, Berserkers stay and take it. Similar to a Lancer, Berserkers use blocks, however blocking for a Berserker is decidedly different. For one, Berserkers offer no defense bonus to players behind them. And blocking costs a small chunk of mana to drop down, but unlike Lancer block, Berserker block will not consume mana beyond the initial cost. Along with absorbing less damage overrall.

Q. Are Berserkers right for me?

A. Your success with Berserkers depend on your personal play style. Among the melee classes, Berserker and Slayers are the two main ones. And Berserkers differ greatly from Slayers for more reasons than just what I explained above. To put it simply Slayers are a quick, agile combo class, and attack in wide sweeping arcs. Berserkers (with exemption of Cyclone I ) are more like targeted warheads. You point them at things that you want to die. And aiming on a Berserker is fairly precise. Berserkers play heavily into positioning and aiming. Where you must land your axe into the enemy, and if they are small, and too close to you, they are often very easy to miss. In PVE this is somewhat lessened by the size of bosses and BAMs, however In PVP this is very noticeable (more on this later).

Q. So why play a Berserker?

A. When in the right hands, Berserkers are easily one of the strongest damage classes in the entire game, along with Sorcerers. Their hardest hitting attacks require charging. And in chaotic battle the enemy might not be there when you are ready to let loose. In addition to this Berserkers suffer most from the lack of mobility during combat, and inability to cancel their attacks once they've gone off. And while Dash I fixes this to an extent. Berserkers, moreso than any other class depend more on timing, positioning and aiming to deal the highest damage. However the pay off for this is the massive burst single and aoe damage that they can dish out in frighteningly quick order. Making them, when played well, one of the best classes to have on your side.

Q. Can Berserkers tank?

Despite wearing heavy armor and being able to block. Berserkers lack the necessary skills, and threat generating components to tank. They are strictly a very close range, resilient DPS class. However the class as a whole is fairly "tank like" and given skills such as Vampiric Blow II that when solo, allow Berserkers to heal themselves. Against BAMs, Berserkers solo much like a Lancer would, although they are more mobile, and jockey for position. Because as a Berserker, you are vulnerable to counter attack during, and for a short while after your moves. So part of Berserker quasi-tanking, is understanding damage windows (I.E the safety window in which you have to unleash a skill, and knowing which of your moves best fits the window)

Q. Are Berserkers good in PVP?

Berserkers in PVP are a late bloomer. They suffer from being a high burst class with slow windup attacks, and lack of gap closers. Along with a vulnerability to faster melee classes that can outmaneuver them. Fortunately as time goes on, this gets better. As Berserkers gain gap closers. Dash I Abilities to snare opponents Inescapable Doom and soon to be at level 60. A short range melee attack that allows the Berserker to dodge while charging, then unleash their charge shot as a counter attack.

Q. I see Berserkers only using like 4 moves, why is that?

Berserkers function a little differently than Slayers do. While Slayers have much more active skills than Berserkers. They often use the same number of keys, as Slayer abilities form skill chains called combos. Berserkers on the other hand, rely primarily on their three main attacks: Cyclone I, Flatten I and Thunder Strike I. And the rest of their skills are often entirely situational, used when certain conditions are met or to gain MP, heal, boost their damage, movements speed, snares opponents, and even turn your targets around. All in all Berserkers primarily focus on making themselves stronger, and your enemies weaker. Enabling them to drop truly gargantuan attacks upon their heads.


Berserker Skills, and Glyphs



  • #1   xxbloodyhell   July 29, 2012
    An interesting informative play on Berserkers, this guide. Though, I do disagree with some parts of it. It's pretty pin point as to how the class works. Though in berserker PvE/PvP endgame, Rotating skills such as cyclone, flatten, thunder strike, lethal strike (The common four that can be juggled{Glyph Wise}) can be changed up with a simple respec. The way I see the zerker class is about 50% skill 50% gear. If not more %% into the skill factor. As you said. "When in the right hands, Berserkers are easily one of the strongest damage classes in the entire game, along with Sorcerers." I wouldn't mind building a guide with another skilled zerk sometime. Mainly because. 1. I'm a bit too lazy to do it myself. and 2. because I rolled zerk because it reflects my real life personality. Bloodlustful. ^^. So I can miss quite a few things when I start explaining. I'll try and post some of my endgame builds on here.

    Thanks for the guide!
  • #2   Gorespray   March 5, 2013
    Are you planning to add a stat guide for recommendations to enigmatic gear?

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