• Item Details
  • Superior Staff
  • Usable By
  • 58
    Level Required
  • Item Obtained
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
    Sell to Vendor
  • No
    Store in Bank
  • No
    Store in Guild Bank
  • Sell Value
  • Buy Price
Shurian Felstaff

Superior Staff

For Priest

For level 58 or above

Binds on Equip

Enchantable, Extractable: Tier 11, Remodelable

Cannot trade, No sale value, Cannot be stored in bank, This item can't be stored in the guild bank

Item level 58

Attack modifier1,272
Impact modifier4,997

Crystal socket

Crystal socket

Crystal socket

Crystal socket

* Note: The Masterworked version uses the 3% increased stat modifier. The 1% and 2% modifier will result in lower stats than show here.