• Item Details
  • Superior Hauberk
  • Usable By
  • 58
    Level Required
  • Item Obtained
  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes
    Sell to Vendor
  • Yes
    Store in Bank
  • Yes
    Store in Guild Bank
  • Sell Value
  • Buy Price
Nemesis Plate

Superior Hauberk

For Berserker, Lancer

For level 58 or above

Binds on Pick Up

Extractable: Tier 12, Remodelable, Dyeable

Item level 58

Defense modifier3,001
Balance modifier5,958

Damage from boss monsters decreases by 4.5%.

You take 5.3% less damage from attacks while knocked down.

You take 3% less damage from the monster with highest aggro to you.

Decreases PvP damage taken by 6.

Crystal socket

Crystal socket

Crystal socket

Crystal socket