• Item Details
  • Uncommon Runes
  • 45
    Item Level
  • Drop
    Item Obtained
  • Yes
  • Yes
    Sell to Vendor
  • Yes
    Store in Bank
  • Yes
    Store in Guild Bank
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Rowan Rune

For level 45 or above

A major Titanic rune containing both Arunic and Sharan energy for crafting armor and weapons. Children and gamblers collect runedecks for play. In castanic runedecks: third of the four major Titanic runes.

Obtained from Mob: Level Location Chance
Andras 42 Blessing Basin Low
Mossy Teralith 41 Blessing Basin Low
Patient Lithikumas 41 Blessing Basin Low
Noxious Ovolith 40 Blightwood Low
Reeking Orisk 40 Blightwood Low
Anansha 52 Timeless Woods Low
Vulcan Devastator 43 Timeless Woods Low
Vulcan Dreadnaught 41 Timeless Woods Low
Kestol 46 Tempest Reach Low
Marutash 46 Tempest Reach Low
Naga Colossus 42 Tempest Reach Low
Naga Deathreaper 42 Tempest Reach Low
Onyx Hydrath 43 Tempest Reach Low
Seraeno 42 Tempest Reach Rare
Unglueth Ebonclaw 46 Tempest Reach Very Low
Barabok 46 Frost Reach Low
Frosthunter Barsicore 44 Frost Reach Low
Frygaras 52 Frost Reach Low
Icecleaver Giant 45 Frost Reach Low
Icereaver Giant 45 Frost Reach Low
Icewalker Barsicore 45 Frost Reach Low
Sabranak 52 Frost Reach Low
Teriak 46 Frost Reach Low
Arachnen Devastator 46 Arachnaea Low
Clawrider Overseer 46 Arachnaea Low
Dreadfang Arachnen 46 Arachnaea Low
Dulagoras 47 Arachnaea Unknown
Guardian Ovolith 46 Arachnaea Low
Merciless Ovolith 46 Arachnaea Low
Giant Warmaster 46 Feral Valley Low
Ravenous Basilisk 46 Feral Valley Low
Evignar 45 Sigil Adstringo Low
Evignar Resurgent 45 Sigil Adstringo Rare
Great Chief Tungkan 45 Sigil Adstringo Low
Harkyriss 45 Sigil Adstringo Low
Inferis Dracoloth 45 Sigil Adstringo Rare
Nuroppy 45 Sigil Adstringo Low
Skulregnath 45 Sigil Adstringo Low
Skulregnath Reborn 45 Sigil Adstringo Rare
Maelsaress 48 Temple of Dagon Low
Fangspawn 49 Fyrmount Low
Marakadi 51 Fyrmount Low
Sulphurous Groknar 49 Fyrmount Low
Tempest Kanash 52 Fyrmount Low
Voracious Fangspawn 50 Fyrmount Low
Divine Reaver 52 Serpentis Isle Low
Malagash 50 Serpentis Isle Low
Naga Battlemaster 49 Serpentis Isle Low
Naga Clawmaster 50 Serpentis Isle Low
Naga Clawrider 48 Serpentis Isle Low
Berylheart 50 Golden Labyrinth Low
Gulsig 50 Golden Labyrinth Low
Khuljarak 50 Golden Labyrinth Low
Adanok 50 Akasha's Hideout Low
Akasha 50 Akasha's Hideout Low
Karascha 50 Akasha's Hideout Low
Lugribar 50 Akasha's Hideout Low
Shargrim 50 Akasha's Hideout Low
Nightmare Adanok 51 Akasha's Hideout (Hard) Low
Nightmare Akasha 52 Akasha's Hideout (Hard) Low
Nightmare Karascha 51 Akasha's Hideout (Hard) Low
Nightmare Lugribar 52 Akasha's Hideout (Hard) Low
Nightmare Shargrim 52 Akasha's Hideout (Hard) Low
Terkasia 42 Blightwood Low