• Item Details
  • Uncommon Armor Crystal
  • 11
    Item Level
  • Drop
    Item Obtained
  • Yes
  • Yes
    Sell to Vendor
  • Yes
    Store in Bank
  • Yes
    Store in Guild Bank
  • Sell Value
  • Buy Price
Fine Relentless Cabochon

For level 11 or above

Increases maximum HP by 336.

Obtained from Mob: Level Location Chance
Soulcrusher 20 Secret Base Very Low
Bloodbound Vulcan 21 Secret Base Very Low
Basilisk 20 Oblivion Woods Very Low
Lanok 21 Oblivion Woods Very Low
Arakia 20 Valley of Titans Very Low
Indolent Kumas 22 Celestial Hills Very Low
Naga Mercenary 22 Celestial Hills Very Low
Torpid Kumas 23 Celestial Hills Very Low