Object Level Type Location Zone
Allemantheian Communication Machine Object Allemantheia
Archives Box Object Tuwangi Mire
Barley Sack Object Valley of Titans
Bloodpetal Object Cliffs of Insanity
Brigand Supplies Object Oblivion Woods
Contaminated Lake Wardstone Object Tirkai Forest
Count's Coffin Object Vale of the Fang
Countess's Coffin Object Vale of the Fang
Detector Stone Object Island of Dawn
Dimensional Hold Object Dark Cathedral
Encrypted Book Object Secret Base
Essence of Wind Object Cliffs of Insanity
Essence of Wind Object Celestial Hills
Essence of Wind Object Paraanon Ravine
Essence of Wind Object Tuwangi Mire
Essence of Wind Object Vale of the Fang
First Cyasma Distiller Object Thrallhold
Khamala Flower Object Vale of the Fang
Krymetal Ore Object Fey Forest
Krymetal Ore Object Oblivion Woods
Krymetal Ore Object Valley of Titans
Krymetal Ore Object Island of Dawn
Linmetal Ore Object Tuwangi Mire
Linmetal Ore Object Celestial Hills
Linmetal Ore Object Vale of the Fang
Linmetal Ore Object Paraanon Ravine
Linmetal Ore Object Cliffs of Insanity
Mad Blood Disease Research Device Object Cliffs of Insanity
Merchant's Wares Object Tuwangi Mire
Mission Board Object Crescentia
Mission Board Object Allemantheia
Mission Board Object Lumbertown
Mission Board Object Cutthroat Harbor
Mission Board Object Tulufan
Mission Board Object Tria
Mission Board Object Popolion
Mission Board Object Tower Base
Mission Board Object Tralion
Mission Board Object Pora Elinu
Mysterious Alter Object Oblivion Woods
Old Bookcase Object Secret Base
Orcan Rations Object Celestial Hills
Pirate's Treasure Chest Object Temple of Dagon
Priest's Treasure Chest Object Depths of Corruption
Quagmire Herb Object Tuwangi Mire
Repository of Wisdom Object Balder's Refuge
Second Cyasma Distiller Object Thrallhold
Secure Chest Object Valley of Titans
Seren's Seal Object Balder's Refuge
Shield Stone Object Essenian Crest
Soldier's ID Tag Object Azarel's Labyrinth
Spiritstone Object Island of Dawn
Stealth Menhir Object Oblivion Woods
Strange Rock Object Secret Base
Sun Essence Object Valley of Titans
Sun Essence Object Fey Forest
Sun Essence Object Island of Dawn
Supply Crate Object Paraanon Ravine
Sweet Hayblossom Object Valley of Titans
Sylva Plant Object Paraanon Ravine
Sylva Plant Object Vale of the Fang
Sylva Plant Object Cliffs of Insanity
Sylva Plant Object Tuwangi Mire
Sylva Plant Object Celestial Hills
Teleportal Object Secret Base
Teleportal Object Mistmoor Island
Teleportal Object Witch-Queen Catacombs
Teleportal Object Azarel's Labyrinth Depths
Teleportal Object Allemantheia
Teleportal Object Valley of Titans
Teleportal Object Tower Base
Teleportal Object Azarel's Labyrinth Depths
Teleportal Object Colossal Ruins
Teleportal Object Island of Dawn
Third Cyasma Distiller Object Thrallhold
Toolbox Object Celestial Hills
Toruan Berries Object Cliffs of Insanity
Verdra Plant Object Valley of Titans
Verdra Plant Object Island of Dawn
Verdra Plant Object Oblivion Woods
Verdra Plant Object Fey Forest
Weapon Crate Object Secret Base
Withered Fruit Object Paraanon Ravine