Named: Kulsilva

Level: 18

Location: Oblivion Woods

Item: Level Type Chance
Somnus Sleeves 17 Sleeves Rare
Nightswift Gown 17 Robes Rare
Umbral Slippers 17 Shoes Rare
Staff of Redemption 17 Staff Rare
Wand of the Frond 17 Scepter Rare
Harvest Focus 17 Disc Rare
Arrowsvine 17 Bow Rare
Cinderfall 17 Earring Low
Kulsilva's Ring 17 Ring Low
Flamedancer Pendant 17 Necklace Low
Domineering Cabochon Weapon Crystal Rare
Squelching Cabochon Weapon Crystal Rare
Noblesse Cabochon Armor Crystal Rare
Dauntless Cabochon Armor Crystal Rare
Anarchic Cabochon Armor Crystal Rare
Backbiting Cabochon Weapon Crystal Rare
Hunter's Cabochon Weapon Crystal Rare
Stalwart Cabochon Armor Crystal Rare
Soothing Cabochon Armor Crystal Rare
Acrimonious Cabochon Weapon Crystal Rare
Mutinous Cabochon Weapon Crystal Rare
Speed Potion Combat Supplies Rare
Arunic Panacea Combat Supplies Rare
Recipe: Major Caduceus Scroll II Alchemy Recipe Rare
Recipe: Major Scroll of Tenacity II Alchemy Recipe Rare
Recipe: Major Curative Scroll II Alchemy Recipe Rare
Lesson: Tier 4 Leather Extraction Scroll Rare
Lesson: Tier 4 Alchemy Extraction Scroll Rare
Lesson: Tier 4 Cloth Extraction Scroll Rare
Lesson: Tier 4 Metal Extraction Scroll Rare
Unlaced Shoes 17 Shoes Very Low
Handtuned Shortbow 17 Bow Rare
Mana Elixir III Combat Supplies Rare
Reader's Pageturners 17 Sleeves Very Low
Dreamer's Robe 17 Robes Very Low
Holyrake 17 Staff Rare
Seedrod 17 Scepter Rare
Harvest Moon 17 Disc Rare
Onslaught Charm II Combat Supplies Very Low
Ethereal Charm II Combat Supplies Rare
Sanguine Charm II Combat Supplies Rare
Dawnhide Crafting Material Very Low
Krymetal Ore Crafting Material Very Low
Verdra Fibers Crafting Material Very Low
Skull Pendant 15 Necklace Very Low
Cascade of Stars 15 Earring Very Low
Sun Essence Crafting Material Very Low
Bomb IV Miscellaneous Very Low
Paverune of Shara Runes Low
Paverune of Arun Runes Low
Earthen Band 14 Ring Very Low
Mana Elixir II Combat Supplies Rare
Campfire Miscellaneous Very Low
Scroll of Resurrection Scroll Rare
Safe Haven Teleport Scroll Scroll Rare