Monster: Vampir Aristocrat

Level: 36


Item: Level Type Chance
Vadoma Dangle 35 Earring Rare
Linmetal Witch Chain 35 Necklace Rare
Witchband 34 Ring Rare
Stunted Footwear 33 Shoes Rare
Robes of Vadoma 33 Robes Rare
Ersatz Coverings 33 Robes Rare
Euphemetic Entanglement 33 Sleeves Rare
Master Herbalist's Gloves 33 Sleeves Rare
Spinning Plate 33 Disc Rare
Bow of Dark Whispers 33 Bow Rare
Nightbringer 33 Staff Rare
Pillar of the Community 33 Staff Rare
Deathkisser 33 Bow Rare
Duskwand 33 Scepter Rare
Hitching Post 33 Scepter Rare
Umbral Circle 33 Disc Rare
Amira's Slippers 33 Shoes Rare
Rainstick 37 Staff Rare
Measuring Stick 37 Staff Rare
Snow Cane 37 Scepter Rare
Titanic Cosh 37 Scepter Rare
Whirlpool Disc 37 Disc Rare
Elemental Orotune 37 Disc Rare
Wind Bow 37 Bow Rare
Rangy Longbow 37 Bow Rare
Sanctimonious Raiments 37 Robes Rare
Vintage Gown 37 Robes Rare
Cost-Conscious Footwear 37 Shoes Rare
Good Dress Shoes 37 Shoes Rare
Lacy Fingers 37 Sleeves Rare
Divine Prophet's Wraps 37 Sleeves Rare
Sulfa Rune Runes Very Low
Cage of Echoes 35 Earring Rare
Isthel Rune Runes Very Low
Noblesse Pentant Armor Crystal Rare
Backbiting Pentant Weapon Crystal Rare
Crystal-studded Vadoma Pendant 35 Necklace Rare
Domineering Pentant Weapon Crystal Rare
Dauntless Pentant Armor Crystal Rare
Squelching Pentant Weapon Crystal Rare
Acrimonious Pentant Weapon Crystal Rare
Anarchic Pentant Armor Crystal Rare
Mutinous Pentant Weapon Crystal Rare
Soothing Pentant Armor Crystal Rare
Stalwart Pentant Armor Crystal Rare
Hunter's Pentant Weapon Crystal Rare
Student's Pledge 34 Ring Rare
Speed Potion Combat Supplies Rare
Arunic Panacea Combat Supplies Rare
Recipe: Major Scroll of Tenacity IV Alchemy Recipe Rare
Recipe: Major Curative Scroll IV Alchemy Recipe Rare
Recipe: Major Caduceus Scroll IV Alchemy Recipe Rare
Mana Elixir VI Combat Supplies Rare
Handbow of the Depths 37 Bow Rare
Polemic Post 37 Scepter Rare
Princely Scepter 37 Scepter Rare
Unshakable Faith 37 Staff Rare
Serpent's Staff 37 Staff Rare
Follower's Garb 37 Robes Rare
Enduring Fashion 37 Robes Rare
Cuffs of Diligence 37 Sleeves Rare
Babysteps 37 Shoes Rare
Grass Slippers 37 Shoes Rare
Baker's Gloves 37 Sleeves Rare
Rexicle 37 Disc Rare
Circle of Unity 37 Disc Rare
Courtly Bow 37 Bow Rare
Quoirune of Shara Runes Very Low
Design: Astrosilex Focus Crafting Recipe Rare
Design: Marleather Leatherworking Recipe Rare
Mother's Earring 35 Earring Rare
Student's Lavalier 35 Necklace Rare
Star Essence Crafting Material Rare
Shetla Fibers Crafting Material Rare
Normetal Ore Crafting Material Rare
Design: Norsteel Ingot Armorsmithing Recipe Rare
Rough Hide Crafting Material Very Low
Lesson: Tier 7 Cloth Extraction Scroll Rare
Bomb VIII Miscellaneous Very Low
Lesson: Tier 7 Alchemy Extraction Scroll Rare
Quoirune of Arun Runes Very Low
Lesson: Tier 7 Leather Extraction Scroll Rare
Design: Norsteel Ingot Weaponsmithing Recipe Rare
Design: Shetlacloth Tailoring Recipe Rare
Lesson: Tier 7 Metal Extraction Scroll Rare
More Than Friendship Ring 34 Ring Rare
Mana Elixir V Combat Supplies Rare
Onslaught Charm III Combat Supplies Rare
Sanguine Charm III Combat Supplies Rare
Ethereal Charm III Combat Supplies Rare
Scroll of Resurrection Scroll Rare
Campfire Miscellaneous Rare
Safe Haven Teleport Scroll Scroll Rare