BAM: Dark Fimbrilisk

Level: 38


Item: Level Type Chance
Bloodmoney Beads 40 Necklace Rare
Whispered Promise 40 Earring Rare
Eternity Band 39 Ring Rare
Ancient Normetal Hoop 40 Earring Rare
Old Strand of Amber Gems 40 Necklace Rare
Clearspirit Ring 39 Ring Rare
Liberator 38 Lance Rare
Time & Halve 38 Twin Swords Rare
Neverending 38 Disc Rare
Disc of Dismay 38 Disc Rare
Wind Whistler 38 Bow Rare
Bow of Indifference 38 Bow Rare
Scarmaker 38 Axe Rare
Time Vandal 38 Axe Rare
Filcher's Fingertips 38 Gloves Rare
Falconer's Armguards 38 Gloves Rare
Justicar's Fist 38 Gauntlets Rare
Double Trouble 38 Twin Swords Rare
Might of Tenure 38 Lance Rare
Workmate 38 Greatsword Rare
Woecleaver 38 Greatsword Rare
Abidance 38 Staff Rare
Staff of Sun's Embrace 38 Staff Rare
Algomancer 38 Scepter Rare
Netherstalker Vest 38 Cuirass Rare
Vagabondage 38 Cuirass Rare
Viator's Solace 38 Hauberk Rare
Queensrobe 38 Robes Rare
Downy Gown 38 Robes Rare
Scepter of Shadowed Days 38 Scepter Rare
Cruel Grips 38 Gauntlets Rare
Gloves of Fallen Tears 38 Sleeves Rare
Wayfaring Cuffs 38 Sleeves Rare
Pururu's Runners 38 Boots Rare
Field Crushers 38 Boots Rare
Greaves of the Valiant 38 Greaves Rare
Slippers of the Stars 38 Shoes Rare
Tenderfeet 38 Shoes Rare
Steel Sojourn 38 Greaves Rare
Consecrated Hauberk of the Templar 38 Hauberk Rare
Steelskull Pendant 40 Necklace Rare
Cubic Stud 40 Earring Rare
Cleansing Swirl 39 Ring Rare
Whirlpool Disc 37 Disc Rare
Rainstick 37 Staff Rare
Measuring Stick 37 Staff Rare
Vaunting Greataxe 37 Axe Rare
Tornado Cleaver 37 Axe Rare
Rangy Longbow 37 Bow Rare
Flame Slicer 37 Greatsword Rare
Blade of the Colossal Ancients 37 Greatsword Rare
Snow Cane 37 Scepter Rare
Titanic Cosh 37 Scepter Rare
Icicle Skewer 37 Lance Rare
Monstrous Refuge 37 Lance Rare
Reign & Snow 37 Twin Swords Rare
Bombastic & Belligerent 37 Twin Swords Rare
Elemental Orotune 37 Disc Rare
Wind Bow 37 Bow Rare
Cuirass of the Fitful Sleeper 37 Cuirass Rare
Well-Admired Platemail 37 Hauberk Rare
Chef's Mitts 37 Gloves Rare
Grasps of the Daydreamer 37 Gauntlets Rare
Gauntlets of Delight 37 Gauntlets Rare
Divine Prophet's Wraps 37 Sleeves Rare
Lacy Fingers 37 Sleeves Rare
Noon Runners 37 Boots Rare
Longtoe Boots 37 Boots Rare
Greaves of Reckoning 37 Greaves Rare
Walk of Faith 37 Greaves Rare
Good Dress Shoes 37 Shoes Rare
Cost-Conscious Footwear 37 Shoes Rare
Falconer's Vambrace 37 Gloves Rare
Sanctimonious Raiments 37 Robes Rare
Honeymoon Suit 37 Cuirass Rare
River Plate 37 Hauberk Rare
Vintage Gown 37 Robes Rare
Emya Rune Runes Rare
Iridescent Sphere Dangle 40 Earring Rare
Spurned Heart Medallion 40 Necklace Rare
Engagement Ring 39 Ring Rare
Handbow of the Depths 37 Bow Rare
Pureblood's Steel 37 Axe Rare
Edge of Belief 37 Axe Rare
Courtly Bow 37 Bow Rare
Monarch's Justice 37 Greatsword Rare
Reaver of the Profane 37 Greatsword Rare
Serpent's Staff 37 Staff Rare
Lineage & Legacy 37 Twin Swords Rare
Tempered Response 37 Lance Rare
Royal Skewer 37 Lance Rare
Rexicle 37 Disc Rare
Circle of Unity 37 Disc Rare
Polemic Post 37 Scepter Rare
Princely Scepter 37 Scepter Rare
Unshakable Faith 37 Staff Rare
Grace & Favour 37 Twin Swords Rare
Grass Slippers 37 Shoes Rare
Follower's Garb 37 Robes Rare
Jeweled Chest 37 Hauberk Rare
Rock Hard Hauberk 37 Hauberk Rare
Contans Cuirass 37 Cuirass Rare
Drunkard's Overcoat 37 Cuirass Rare
Kaw's Paws 37 Gloves Rare
Fidelus Fists 37 Gauntlets Rare
Gloves of the Advocate 37 Gloves Rare
Director's Subtle Steel Fists 37 Gauntlets Rare
Baker's Gloves 37 Sleeves Rare
Cuffs of Diligence 37 Sleeves Rare
Boots of Early Arrivals 37 Boots Rare
Walk of the Just 37 Boots Rare
Collision Courser 37 Greaves Rare
Greaves of Certainty 37 Greaves Rare
Babysteps 37 Shoes Rare
Enduring Fashion 37 Robes Rare
Quoirune of Titans Runes Rare