Monster: Minoc [Forest Lord]

Level: 43

Location: Blightwood

Item: Level Type Chance
Whisper of Envy 41 Earring Very Low
Wither & Die 41 Twin Swords Rare
Aegis of Nature 41 Lance Rare
Outdoor Sword 41 Greatsword Rare
Lord of the Forest 41 Axe Rare
Faerie Circle 41 Disc Rare
Minoc's Bow 41 Bow Rare
Deadwood Staff 41 Staff Rare
Deadwood Scepter 41 Scepter Rare
Mutinous Pentant Weapon Crystal Rare
Soothing Pentant Armor Crystal Rare
Stalwart Pentant Armor Crystal Rare
Hunter's Pentant Weapon Crystal Rare
Backbiting Pentant Weapon Crystal Rare
Acrimonious Pentant Weapon Crystal Rare
Anarchic Pentant Armor Crystal Rare
Dauntless Pentant Armor Crystal Rare
Squelching Pentant Weapon Crystal Rare
Domineering Pentant Weapon Crystal Rare
Noblesse Pentant Armor Crystal Rare
Speed Potion Combat Supplies Very Low
Arunic Panacea Combat Supplies Rare
Toira Fibers Crafting Material Very Low
Essence of Ice Crafting Material Very Low
Shadmetal Ore Crafting Material Very Low
Bloodhide Crafting Material Low
Mana Elixir VI Combat Supplies Rare
Bomb VIII Miscellaneous Low
Mana Elixir V Combat Supplies Rare
Onslaught Charm III Combat Supplies Very Low
Ethereal Charm III Combat Supplies Very Low
Sanguine Charm III Combat Supplies Very Low
Scroll of Resurrection Scroll Rare
Campfire Miscellaneous Very Low
Safe Haven Teleport Scroll Scroll Rare