Monster: Seraeno

Level: 42

Location: Tempest Reach

Item: Level Type Chance
Vestments of Shara 42 Robes Rare
Envelop 42 Robes Rare
Bow of Ten Thousand Tears 42 Bow Rare
Feywalkers of Icaruna 42 Shoes Rare
Tireless Tracks 42 Shoes Rare
Constans Cuffs 42 Sleeves Rare
Arachne's Threadtwisters 42 Sleeves Rare
Quintessence 42 Staff Rare
Picayuecent 42 Scepter Rare
Captured Memory 42 Scepter Rare
Outcry 42 Bow Rare
Tempestuous Curve 42 Disc Rare
Staff of the Winds 42 Staff Rare
Rallyrim 42 Disc Rare
Whispered Promise 40 Earring Rare
Bloodmoney Beads 40 Necklace Rare
Eternity Band 39 Ring Rare
Azurice Robes 43 Robes Rare
Nascent Raiments 43 Robes Rare
Prelate's Post 43 Staff Rare
Ripsaw Shaft 43 Staff Rare
Veniculum 43 Scepter Rare
Mind's Eye 43 Disc Rare
Coin of Contradiction 43 Disc Rare
Aviobane 43 Bow Rare
Stress Spar 43 Scepter Rare
Kite Splitter 43 Bow Rare
Starry Slippers 43 Shoes Rare
Sleeves of Frost 43 Sleeves Rare
Phantom Sleeves 43 Sleeves Rare
Eldritch Slippers 43 Shoes Rare
Old Strand of Amber Gems 40 Necklace Rare
Ancient Normetal Hoop 40 Earring Rare
Clearspirit Ring 39 Ring Rare
Rowan Rune Runes Rare
Seeker's Bar 42 Scepter Rare
Magician's Pocketed Sleeves 42 Sleeves Rare
Illusion Sleeves 42 Sleeves Rare
Moving Feet 42 Shoes Rare
Scepter of Raging Storms 42 Scepter Rare
Bow of Torrents 42 Bow Rare
Faithstaff 42 Staff Rare
Snakewood Bow 42 Bow Rare
Relaxation Robe 42 Robes Rare
Complementary Wrath Robe 42 Robes Rare
Shoes of the Speedy 42 Shoes Rare
Skyview Lens 42 Disc Rare
Abstrusing Focus 42 Disc Rare
Tempest Greatstaff 42 Staff Rare
Steelskull Pendant 40 Necklace Rare
Cubic Stud 40 Earring Rare
Cleansing Swirl 39 Ring Rare
Archrune of Titans Runes Rare
Ornate Pulled-Thread Sleeves 42 Sleeves Rare
Tacit Understanding 42 Bow Rare
Stalker Bow 42 Bow Rare
Subtle Trouble 42 Disc Rare
Petaline Lens 42 Disc Rare
Understated Elegance 42 Scepter Rare
Seeker's Bar 42 Scepter Rare
Arraigning Raiments 42 Robes Rare
Ornate Walking Stick 42 Staff Rare
Shoes of the Sage 42 Shoes Rare
Ruby's Soft Shoes 42 Shoes Rare
Sagacious Sleeves 42 Sleeves Rare
Robes of Discernment 42 Robes Rare
Enshrined Hush 42 Staff Rare
Spurned Heart Medallion 40 Necklace Rare
Iridescent Sphere Dangle 40 Earring Rare
Engagement Ring 39 Ring Rare