Boss: Great Chief Tungkan [Servant of Skulregnath]

Level: 45

Location: Sigil Adstringo

Item: Level Type Chance
Steeled Determination 47 Hauberk Rare
Hatch Axe 47 Axe Rare
Lie Suppressor 47 Axe Rare
Barbed Hunter 47 Bow Rare
Enduring Showers 47 Bow Rare
Forward Coil 47 Disc Rare
Circulator 47 Disc Rare
Drive & Determination 47 Twin Swords Rare
Reflection & Sorrow 47 Twin Swords Rare
Constant Pressure 47 Lance Rare
Autotrave 47 Lance Rare
Shakan's Runners 47 Boots Rare
Petalfeet 47 Shoes Rare
Seren's Slippers 47 Shoes Rare
Envisioned Beauty 47 Robes Rare
Ishara's Gloves of Subtlety 47 Gloves Rare
Luctagrasps 47 Gloves Rare
Yurian's Gauntlets of Justice 47 Gauntlets Rare
Ruin Wraps 47 Gauntlets Rare
Handwraps of Oriyn 47 Sleeves Rare
Secure Sleeves 47 Sleeves Rare
Conflicted Feet 47 Boots Rare
Thulsan Blood Greaves 47 Greaves Rare
Gladiator Greaves 47 Greaves Rare
Little Stick 47 Scepter Rare
Rattlespine 47 Scepter Rare
Staff of Elusive Memories 47 Staff Rare
Nightwatch Vest 47 Cuirass Rare
Ingravio Jerkin 47 Cuirass Rare
Raiment of Arun 47 Robes Rare
Chestplate of the Harbinger 47 Hauberk Rare
Teratothrust 47 Greatsword Rare
Careless Carver 47 Greatsword Rare
Bountihead 47 Staff Rare
Guarded Effect 45 Lance Low
Reignbow 45 Bow Low
Attenuate 45 Scepter Low
Twitchblade 45 Greatsword Low
Obdurax 45 Axe Low
Drivewheel 45 Disc Low
Servitude 45 Staff Low
Now & Forever 45 Twin Swords Low
Darkshimmer Slippers 45 Shoes Low
Armband of the Servant 45 Sleeves Low
Night Shift 45 Robes Low
Steelspine 45 Hauberk Low
Steadgrips 45 Gauntlets Low
Surefoot Greaves 45 Greaves Low
Icetangle Vest 45 Cuirass Low
Iceheart Gloves 45 Gloves Low
Coastal Breeze 45 Earring Rare
Gauntboots 45 Boots Low
Naught Pendant 45 Necklace Rare
Hail Storm Ring 44 Ring Rare
Jade Mermaid Cameo 45 Necklace Rare
Frozen Dewdrop 45 Earring Rare
Citadel Signet 44 Ring Rare
Fight & Fancy 43 Twin Swords Rare
Mind's Eye 43 Disc Rare
Guarded Axe 43 Axe Rare
Kite Splitter 43 Bow Rare
Icon Crusher 43 Axe Rare
Coin of Contradiction 43 Disc Rare
Aviobane 43 Bow Rare
Forest Keeper's Bracers 43 Gloves Rare
Visionary Gloves 43 Gloves Rare
Boots of Dark Harvest 43 Boots Rare
Starry Slippers 43 Shoes Rare
Eldritch Slippers 43 Shoes Rare
Delusion Steps 43 Greaves Rare
Trafficker's Boots 43 Boots Rare
Stalwart Greaves 43 Greaves Rare
Phantom Sleeves 43 Sleeves Rare
Sleeves of Frost 43 Sleeves Rare
Crackled Handguards 43 Gauntlets Rare
Valadhiel's Gauntlets 43 Gauntlets Rare
Deny & Disavow 43 Twin Swords Rare
Trave of the People 43 Lance Rare
Liberator's Breastplate 43 Hauberk Rare
Nascent Raiments 43 Robes Rare
Azurice Robes 43 Robes Rare
Spectermail 43 Hauberk Rare
Patagium Vestments 43 Cuirass Rare
Twilight Stalker's Jerkin 43 Cuirass Rare
Brother's Claymore 43 Greatsword Rare
Shellhammer 43 Lance Rare
Doubleback Batten 43 Greatsword Rare
Prelate's Post 43 Staff Rare
Ripsaw Shaft 43 Staff Rare
Veniculum 43 Scepter Rare
Stress Spar 43 Scepter Rare
Fine Cunning Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Infused Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Glistening Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Swift Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Brilliant Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Resolute Crux Armor Crystal Very Low
Fine Savage Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Forceful Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Cruel Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Brutal Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Virulent Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Focused Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Furious Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Slaying Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Protective Crux Armor Crystal Very Low
Fine Carving Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Fine Threatening Crux Weapon Crystal Very Low
Backbiting Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Hunter's Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Stalwart Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Soothing Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Squelching Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Domineering Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Noblesse Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Anarchic Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Dauntless Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Acrimonious Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Mutinous Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Vigorous Crux Armor Crystal Very Low
Fine Poised Crux Armor Crystal Very Low
Fine Empyrean Crux Armor Crystal Very Low
Fine Fleetfoot Crux Armor Crystal Very Low
Fine Warding Crux Armor Crystal Very Low
Fine Relentless Crux Armor Crystal Very Low
Fine Inspiring Crux Armor Crystal Very Low
Gulling Circle 47 Disc Rare
Slick Shoes 47 Shoes Rare
Track Shoes 47 Shoes Rare
Pride & Prejudice 47 Twin Swords Rare
Worrypathers 47 Greaves Rare
Axe of Confidences 47 Axe Rare
Bouncer's Steel-Toed Boots 47 Greaves Rare
Broadboots 47 Boots Rare
Gloryvane 47 Disc Rare
Heritage Strut 47 Bow Rare
Scrapper Bow 47 Bow Rare
Road Runners 47 Boots Rare
Paternal Bequeath 47 Lance Rare
Whilom Security 47 Lance Rare
Suit of Showmanship 47 Robes Rare
Choice Platemail 47 Hauberk Rare
Bruiser's Breastplate 47 Hauberk Rare
Guerrilla Vest 47 Cuirass Rare
Sky Pilot's Cuirass 47 Cuirass Rare
Acerbic Blade 47 Greatsword Rare
Swaggering Sword 47 Greatsword Rare
Tergiversant Rod 47 Staff Rare
Wisdom of the Sages 47 Staff Rare
Fanbrin 47 Scepter Rare
Scepter of Sinister Complements 47 Scepter Rare
Beachcomer's Tunic 47 Robes Rare
Thinker's Cuffs 47 Sleeves Rare
Fighter's Steel Fists 47 Gauntlets Rare
Steelbenders 47 Gauntlets Rare
Dreamsoft Gloves 47 Sleeves Rare
Quiescing Axe 47 Axe Rare
Gloves of Stillness 47 Gloves Rare
Eventide Gloves 47 Gloves Rare
Dichotomous Blades 47 Twin Swords Rare
Triple Strand of Mosscrystal Beads 45 Necklace Very Low
Cascade of Bubbles 45 Earring Very Low
Rowan Rune Runes Low
Hollow Icicle 44 Ring Very Low
Speed Potion Combat Supplies Low
Arunic Panacea Combat Supplies Low
Mana Elixir VIII Combat Supplies Low
Choir's Roundel 47 Disc Rare
Invidic Eye 47 Disc Rare
Gibbet's Blade 47 Axe Rare
Robes of Durance 47 Robes Very Low
Liaison's Tunic 47 Robes Very Low
Chestplate of the Ruthless 47 Hauberk Very Low
Ornamental Bow 47 Bow Rare
Foul-Smelling Hauberk 47 Hauberk Very Low
Gravest 47 Cuirass Very Low
Bristling Bow 47 Bow Rare
Loquor's Cleaver 47 Axe Rare
Duster of Disappearance 47 Cuirass Very Low
Gaunt & Grim 47 Twin Swords Rare
Repost & Rumination 47 Twin Swords Rare
Avenger's Steelboots 47 Greaves Very Low
Wand of Many Stings 47 Scepter Rare
Ferrate Boots 47 Boots Very Low
Sailor's Deckboots 47 Boots Very Low
Ill-Fitting Sleeves 47 Sleeves Very Low
Testor's Lance 47 Lance Rare
Soul Filleter 47 Greatsword Rare
Quakemaker 47 Greatsword Rare
Fiddlestick 47 Staff Rare
Blanched Stick 47 Staff Rare
Relentless Greaves 47 Greaves Very Low
Gloves of Grace 47 Gloves Very Low
Pugilist's Gloves 47 Gloves Very Low
Haymaker Gauntlets 47 Gauntlets Very Low
Ferocious Fists 47 Gauntlets Very Low
Barbaric Cuffs 47 Sleeves Very Low
Truculent Shoes 47 Shoes Very Low
Tasseled Slippers 47 Shoes Very Low
Shivers 47 Scepter Rare
Torch Stinger 47 Lance Rare
Ethereal Charm IV Combat Supplies Low
Onslaught Charm IV Combat Supplies Low
Sanguine Charm IV Combat Supplies Low
Entwined Lovers Earring 45 Earring Very Low
Fishtail Pendant 45 Necklace Very Low
Archrune of Titans Runes Medium
Frostcrystal Solitaire 44 Ring Very Low
Campfire Miscellaneous Low
Scroll of Resurrection Scroll Low
Safe Haven Teleport Scroll Scroll Low
Boss: Great Chief Tungkan