Monster: Qasidran [Atel Akaad]

Level: 34


Item: Level Type Chance
Conspirator's Ring 33 Ring Very Low
Staff of Fallen Tears 33 Staff Rare
Fletched Messenger 33 Bow Rare
Rival Roundabout 33 Disc Rare
Chummaker 33 Axe Rare
Buddyblade 33 Greatsword Rare
Gautcher Back 33 Lance Rare
Blood Brothers 33 Twin Swords Rare
Lover's Whisper 33 Earring Very Low
Scepter of Resonance 33 Scepter Rare
Breakwave Breastplate 33 Hauberk Rare
Deckhand's Shoes 33 Shoes Rare
Rigger's Boots 33 Boots Rare
Marine's Greaves 33 Greaves Rare
Sailsleeves 33 Sleeves Rare
Rigger's Gloves 33 Gloves Rare
Marine's Gauntlets 33 Gauntlets Rare
Breakwave Robes 33 Robes Rare
Breakwave Cuirass 33 Cuirass Rare
Backbiting Hexage Weapon Crystal Rare
Hunter's Hexage Weapon Crystal Rare
Stalwart Hexage Armor Crystal Rare
Soothing Hexage Armor Crystal Rare
Mutinous Hexage Weapon Crystal Rare
Noblesse Hexage Armor Crystal Rare
Anarchic Hexage Armor Crystal Rare
Dauntless Hexage Armor Crystal Rare
Squelching Hexage Weapon Crystal Rare
Domineering Hexage Weapon Crystal Rare
Acrimonious Hexage Weapon Crystal Rare
Speed Potion Combat Supplies Very Low
Arunic Panacea Combat Supplies Rare
Rough Hide Crafting Material Low
Normetal Ore Crafting Material Very Low
Star Essence Crafting Material Very Low
Shetla Fibers Crafting Material Very Low
Mana Elixir V Combat Supplies Rare
Sanguine Charm III Combat Supplies Very Low
Onslaught Charm III Combat Supplies Very Low
Ethereal Charm III Combat Supplies Very Low
Mana Elixir IV Combat Supplies Rare
Bomb VI Miscellaneous Low
Ethereal Charm II Combat Supplies Rare
Sanguine Charm II Combat Supplies Rare
Onslaught Charm II Combat Supplies Rare
Campfire Miscellaneous Very Low
Scroll of Resurrection Scroll Very Low
Safe Haven Teleport Scroll Scroll Very Low