Boss: Namburus [The Waykeeper]

Level: 52

Location: Ascent of Saravash

Item: Level Type Chance
Giant Steps 54 Greaves Rare
Savra's Stand 54 Lance Rare
Tribal Cuffs 54 Sleeves Rare
Eldritch Bindings 54 Sleeves Rare
Targetstrike 54 Bow Rare
Tempo Eclipse 54 Disc Rare
Haven Holds 54 Gauntlets Rare
Sirjari Gauntlets 54 Gauntlets Rare
Rod of Withering Touch 54 Scepter Rare
Outburst 54 Scepter Rare
Diligent Hands 54 Gloves Rare
Vanguard's Gloves 54 Gloves Rare
Vanguard's Boots 54 Boots Rare
Rebellion 54 Greatsword Rare
Surgical Precision 54 Greatsword Rare
Demiloquitur 54 Staff Rare
Sirjari Greaves 54 Greaves Rare
Pulse of the People 54 Lance Rare
Tenderbow 54 Bow Rare
Eldritch Robes 54 Robes Rare
Persevering Plate 54 Hauberk Rare
Sirjari Hauberk 54 Hauberk Rare
Vanguard's Cuirass 54 Cuirass Rare
Calmshift 54 Robes Rare
Diamrhiza 54 Disc Rare
Pendulum of Reverberating Sentiment 54 Staff Rare
Devotee's Cuirass 54 Cuirass Rare
Chest Crusher 54 Axe Rare
Stiletto & Fugue 54 Twin Swords Rare
Recant & Reiterate 54 Twin Swords Rare
Falling Steps 54 Shoes Rare
Eldritch Leggings 54 Shoes Rare
Chaostropic 54 Axe Rare
Steps of Enforcement 54 Boots Rare
Impish Slippers 52 Shoes Low
Ascent Grasps 52 Gauntlets Low
Feral Mudvest 52 Cuirass Low
Hatcher's Mitts 52 Gloves Low
Rootbridge Climbers 52 Greaves Low
Fenwaders 52 Boots Low
Dark Tidings Gown 52 Robes Low
Dusksleeves 52 Sleeves Low
Demonwrought Hauberk 52 Hauberk Low
Skyburst Robes 50 Robes Rare
Proselyte's Robes 50 Robes Rare
Cryptic Hauberk 50 Hauberk Rare
Stalworth Edger 50 Axe Rare
Calligo Cuirass 50 Cuirass Rare
Cloudbreaker Cuirass 50 Cuirass Rare
Delphian Hauberk 50 Hauberk Rare
Posh Richblade 50 Greatsword Rare
Executioner's Blade 50 Axe Rare
Regal Staff of Office 50 Staff Rare
Pronounced Judgment 50 Staff Rare
Precious Minacity 50 Scepter Rare
Refined Magedisc 50 Disc Rare
Jural Roarer 50 Disc Rare
Fiducial Bar 50 Scepter Rare
Pursuant Stronghold 50 Lance Rare
Goldspeare 50 Bow Rare
Lynch Pin 50 Bow Rare
Gravamen Point 50 Lance Rare
Fame & Fortune 50 Twin Swords Rare
Assault & Battery 50 Twin Swords Rare
Casual Acquittance 50 Greatsword Rare
Brushed Strand 50 Necklace Rare
Enlightened Handwraps 50 Sleeves Rare
Sunray Boots 50 Boots Rare
Skyglower Gloves 50 Gloves Rare
Nimbus Gloves 50 Gloves Rare
Orphic Gauntlets 50 Gauntlets Rare
Calignous Gauntlets 50 Gauntlets Rare
Firebolt Sleeves 50 Sleeves Rare
Cimmerian Greaves 50 Greaves Rare
Recondite Greaves 50 Greaves Rare
Cyclonic Shoes 50 Shoes Rare
Luculentus Slippers 50 Shoes Rare
Twisted Earcuff 50 Earring Rare
Luculentus Boots 50 Boots Rare
Airbreaker Greaves 53 Greaves Rare
Tomabysm 53 Greatsword Rare
Sword Immemorial 53 Greatsword Rare
Boots of Rambling 53 Boots Rare
Skyfire Bracers 53 Gloves Rare
Twisted Memory 53 Staff Rare
Harvester's Post 53 Staff Rare
Syntonic Steps 53 Greaves Rare
Skymaster Shoes 53 Shoes Rare
Highcatch Shoes 53 Shoes Rare
Vaingrips 53 Gloves Rare
Skyforce Gauntlets 53 Gauntlets Rare
Trouncing Fists 53 Gauntlets Rare
Cloudrunner Boots 53 Boots Rare
Cloudbinder Wristlets 53 Sleeves Rare
Flicker Cuffs 53 Sleeves Rare
Sequent 53 Scepter Rare
Heartwrench 53 Disc Rare
Cloudwalker Mail 53 Hauberk Rare
Unbending Plate 53 Hauberk Rare
Bait & Switch 53 Twin Swords Rare
Skyflight Tunic 53 Robes Rare
Orphic Gown 53 Robes Rare
Revery of Blood 53 Axe Rare
Appetency 53 Axe Rare
Sentimental Journey 53 Bow Rare
Nightshredder 53 Bow Rare
Hyalineye 53 Disc Rare
Thrust & Extend 53 Twin Swords Rare
Durance 53 Lance Rare
Cloudbender Jerkin 53 Cuirass Rare
Idol Firmward 53 Lance Rare
Serene Vestments 53 Cuirass Rare
Grandpa's Cane 53 Scepter Rare
Maundercosh 50 Scepter Rare
Divagate Plug 50 Bow Rare
Vagabond's Walkingstick 50 Staff Rare
Emberstart 50 Disc Rare
Blazewind 50 Greatsword Rare
Driftwheel 50 Disc Rare
Cinders & Ashes 50 Twin Swords Rare
Serpentine Coil Earcuff 50 Earring Very Low
Serpentine Shadmetal Chain 50 Necklace Very Low
Charred Crook 50 Staff Rare
Friction Bow 50 Bow Rare
Wicked Cane 50 Scepter Rare
Shoes of the Sphinx 50 Shoes Rare
Shoes of the Augur 50 Shoes Rare
Greaves of the Literator 50 Greaves Rare
Provident Greaves 50 Greaves Rare
Spring & Fall 50 Twin Swords Rare
Wall of Wander 50 Lance Rare
Civilized Boots 50 Boots Rare
Boots of Happenstance 50 Boots Rare
Icechopper 50 Axe Rare
Cleave Astray 50 Axe Rare
Firestop 50 Lance Rare
Maverick Edge 50 Greatsword Rare
Tunic of Paradox 50 Cuirass Rare
Oracle's Chestplate 50 Hauberk Rare
Hauberk of Intersection 50 Hauberk Rare
Numinous Robes 50 Robes Rare
Gloves of the Wheel 50 Gloves Rare
Scribneor's Gloves 50 Gloves Rare
Scholar's Robes 50 Robes Rare
Fists of Fate 50 Gauntlets Rare
Gauntlets of Interdiction 50 Gauntlets Rare
Whispering Sleeves 50 Sleeves Rare
Academic Handwraps 50 Sleeves Rare
Bookleather Cuirass 50 Cuirass Rare
Fine Poised Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Fine Empyrean Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Fine Warding Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Fine Resolute Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Fine Carving Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Protective Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Fine Brilliant Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Relentless Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Fine Fleetfoot Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Fine Vigorous Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Fine Inspiring Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Noblesse Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Domineering Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Squelching Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Soothing Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Stalwart Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Hunter's Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Dauntless Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Anarchic Crux Armor Crystal Rare
Acrimonious Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Mutinous Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Swift Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Glistening Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Infused Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Backbiting Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Slaying Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Furious Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Focused Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Virulent Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Brutal Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Cruel Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Forceful Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Threatening Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Savage Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Fine Cunning Crux Weapon Crystal Rare
Aeru Rune Runes Low
Wishing Shoes 54 Shoes Rare
Evenglow Greaves 54 Greaves Rare
Icebreaker 54 Axe Rare
Pirate's Keel 54 Axe Rare
Bow of the North Shore 54 Bow Rare
Pervicacious Pest 54 Bow Rare
Envious Boots 54 Boots Rare
Darkfire Boots 54 Boots Rare
Wave of the Charmer 54 Sleeves Rare
Manaflame Bindings 54 Sleeves Rare
Starplex Gauntlets 54 Gauntlets Rare
Dreamfire Gauntlets 54 Gauntlets Rare
Bullseye Bracers 54 Gloves Rare
Twilit Bracers 54 Gloves Rare
Dayblaze Shoes 54 Shoes Rare
Shivermaker 54 Disc Rare
Publician's Footwear 54 Greaves Rare
Manafire Hauberk 54 Hauberk Rare
Dayflare Vest 54 Cuirass Rare
Cuirass of Silence 54 Cuirass Rare
Uncommon Valor 54 Lance Rare
Chilling Spine 54 Scepter Rare
Mawkmaker 54 Scepter Rare
Salutary Pole 54 Staff Rare
Frostsedge 54 Greatsword Rare
Solecism 54 Greatsword Rare
Stretchsteel Breastplate 54 Hauberk Rare
Nightshine Robe 54 Robes Rare
Brushed Destiny 54 Robes Rare
Staff of Long Winters 54 Staff Rare
Glacial Wall 54 Lance Rare
Coldsnap & Frostbite 54 Twin Swords Rare
Slateygyre 54 Disc Rare
Juxtaposed Trials 54 Twin Swords Rare
Tutor's Shoes 50 Shoes Rare
Clandestave 50 Staff Rare
Noctus Gloves 50 Gloves Rare
Xersteel Prod 50 Axe Rare
Galvanized Seclusion 50 Scepter Rare
Trimmed Patience 50 Scepter Rare
Kerf Render 50 Axe Rare
Comely Fellwood 50 Staff Rare
Scolarus Mail 50 Hauberk Rare
Unavowed Intent 50 Disc Rare
Scissorblade 50 Greatsword Rare
Veernaught 50 Disc Rare
Snip & Clip 50 Twin Swords Rare
Headmaster's Robes 50 Robes Rare
Robes of Dark Glamor 50 Robes Rare
Stroke & Dagger 50 Twin Swords Rare
Xerstwall 50 Lance Rare
Gloves of the Key 50 Gloves Rare
Nemesis Slippers 50 Shoes Rare
Shockworth Crescent 50 Bow Rare
Piercing Tool 50 Bow Rare
Mystery Mail 50 Hauberk Rare
Moral Drill 50 Lance Rare
Greaves of the Savant 50 Greaves Rare
Filigreed Hoop 50 Earring Very Low
Death Provocateur 50 Greatsword Rare
Aperio Boots 50 Boots Rare
Boots of Arcanum 50 Boots Rare
Scholar's Sleeves 50 Sleeves Rare
Arcane Sleeves 50 Sleeves Rare
Mystified Jerkin 50 Cuirass Rare
Venturesome Greaves 50 Greaves Rare
Scolasticus Jerkin 50 Cuirass Rare
Entwined Vine 50 Necklace Very Low
Gauntlets of the Sage 50 Gauntlets Rare
Gauntlets of Chance 50 Gauntlets Rare
Speed Potion Combat Supplies Low
Arunic Panacea Combat Supplies Very Low
Mana Elixir VIII Combat Supplies Low
Keyrune of Titans Runes Medium
Flame-Stitched Jerkin 54 Cuirass Rare
Baiting Bow 54 Bow Rare
Lifeshaper Robe 54 Robes Rare
Haunting Slippers 54 Shoes Rare
Stellar Trekkers 54 Shoes Rare
Trader's Cuirass 54 Cuirass Rare
Steeltreads of the Hawk 54 Greaves Rare
Robe of the Morningstar 54 Robes Rare
Winsteel Hauberk 54 Hauberk Rare
Fire-Forged Mail 54 Hauberk Rare
Fire-Forged Greaves 54 Greaves Rare
Horseman's Boots 54 Boots Rare
Flame-Stitched Boots 54 Boots Rare
Stargraspers 54 Sleeves Rare
Actuator Rod 54 Scepter Rare
Softweave Sleeves 54 Sleeves Rare
Twitchy Terete 54 Disc Rare
Heinous Reaper 54 Greatsword Rare
Coruscant Coil 54 Disc Rare
Circuitbreaker 54 Lance Rare
Aegis of the Amani 54 Lance Rare
Bloodbattery 54 Axe Rare
Chopaxe of the Untiring 54 Axe Rare
Frontline Orphans 54 Twin Swords Rare
Direwand 54 Scepter Rare
Conducting Arc 54 Bow Rare
Flame-Stitched Gloves 54 Gloves Rare
Broker's Gloves 54 Gloves Rare
Sparkpoint 54 Greatsword Rare
Twinkling Pillar 54 Staff Rare
Fire-Forged Gauntlets 54 Gauntlets Rare
Steel Skyclaws 54 Gauntlets Rare
Flicker & Flutter 54 Twin Swords Rare
Wanderpole 54 Staff Rare
Explorer's Greaves 50 Greaves Rare
Rest for the Weary 50 Lance Rare
Expulsion Point 50 Lance Rare
Boots of Earned Bounty 50 Boots Rare
Piercework Earcuff 50 Earring Low
Fiendish Greaves 50 Greaves Rare
Iridescent Scale Pendant 50 Necklace Low
Jerkin of the Tracker 50 Cuirass Rare
Procedural Evacuator 50 Greatsword Rare
Tender Ministrations 50 Greatsword Rare
Barren Hopes 50 Staff Rare
Treble Staff 50 Staff Rare
Shoes of the Trail 50 Shoes Rare
Savage Shoes 50 Shoes Rare
Rhodomontade 50 Scepter Rare
Tempo Keeper 50 Scepter Rare
Boots of the Beast 50 Boots Rare
Death's Harp 50 Bow Rare
Monstrous Mail 50 Hauberk Rare
Forager Fists 50 Gauntlets Rare
Sleeves of the Seeker 50 Sleeves Rare
Gloves of the Predator 50 Gloves Rare
Gauntlets of Savagery 50 Gauntlets Rare
Gloves of Ferocity 50 Gloves Rare
Cuirass of Viciousness 50 Cuirass Rare
Whistlestop 50 Axe Rare
Reckless Abandon 50 Axe Rare
Blank Messenger 50 Bow Rare
Hauberk of the Hunter 50 Hauberk Rare
Lifeless & Hollow 50 Twin Swords Rare
Robes of the Brute 50 Robes Rare
Robes of the Pursuer 50 Robes Rare
Melody & Harmony 50 Twin Swords Rare
Openheart Recover 50 Disc Rare
Disc of the Evening Sun 50 Disc Rare
Heinous Handwraps 50 Sleeves Rare
Onslaught Charm IV Combat Supplies Low
Ethereal Charm IV Combat Supplies Low
Sanguine Charm IV Combat Supplies Low
Campfire Miscellaneous Low
Scroll of Resurrection Scroll Very Low
Safe Haven Teleport Scroll Scroll Very Low
Boss: Namburus