Monster: Suryati's Shaper

Level: 56

Location: Suryati's Peak

Item: Level Type Chance
Gatecrasher 58 Lance Rare
Vindicator's Treads 58 Boots Rare
Cutthroat's Escape 58 Boots Rare
Feytouched Treads 58 Greaves Rare
Walk of Ferocity 58 Greaves Rare
Tingeround 58 Disc Rare
Cyclic Collider 58 Disc Rare
Saleron's Walkers 58 Shoes Rare
Pacing Shoes 58 Shoes Rare
Orthodocent 58 Staff Rare
Vindicator's Grips 58 Gloves Rare
Idle Hands 58 Gloves Rare
Feytouched Fists 58 Gauntlets Rare
Mentor 58 Lance Rare
Baton of Perfect Cadence 58 Scepter Rare
Witticist 58 Scepter Rare
Fire & Ice 58 Twin Swords Rare
Hit & Run 58 Twin Swords Rare
Spirit Hunter 58 Bow Rare
Nightwhisper Touch 58 Sleeves Rare
Saleron's Wraps 58 Sleeves Rare
Hands of Allegience 58 Gauntlets Rare
Vindicator's Jerkin 58 Cuirass Rare
Frostvest 58 Cuirass Rare
Balder's Watchful Eye 58 Ring Rare
Skycarver 58 Greatsword Rare
Tortious Bow 58 Bow Rare
Ebonescence 58 Robes Rare
Saleron's Vestments 58 Robes Rare
Wingsteel 58 Hauberk Rare
Feytouched Plate 58 Hauberk Rare
Whisper of Death 58 Earring Rare
Captured Wish 58 Necklace Rare
Raucous Steel 58 Greatsword Rare
Moment of Radiant Grace 58 Staff Rare
Law Breaker 58 Axe Rare
Feroparous Axe 58 Axe Rare
Star's Path 55 Ring Rare
Gemdrop Torque 55 Necklace Rare
Phoenix's Cry 55 Earring Rare
Diamrhiza 54 Disc Rare
Recant & Reiterate 54 Twin Swords Rare
Chaostropic 54 Axe Rare
Pulse of the People 54 Lance Rare
Savra's Stand 54 Lance Rare
Vanguard's Cuirass 54 Cuirass Rare
Devotee's Cuirass 54 Cuirass Rare
Eldritch Robes 54 Robes Rare
Tribal Cuffs 54 Sleeves Rare
Tenderbow 54 Bow Rare
Stiletto & Fugue 54 Twin Swords Rare
Vanguard's Gloves 54 Gloves Rare
Targetstrike 54 Bow Rare
Sirjari Hauberk 54 Hauberk Rare
Diligent Hands 54 Gloves Rare
Sirjari Gauntlets 54 Gauntlets Rare
Haven Holds 54 Gauntlets Rare
Persevering Plate 54 Hauberk Rare
Calmshift 54 Robes Rare
Chest Crusher 54 Axe Rare
Rod of Withering Touch 54 Scepter Rare
Tempo Eclipse 54 Disc Rare
Falling Steps 54 Shoes Rare
Eldritch Leggings 54 Shoes Rare
Giant Steps 54 Greaves Rare
Sirjari Greaves 54 Greaves Rare
Steps of Enforcement 54 Boots Rare
Eldritch Bindings 54 Sleeves Rare
Vanguard's Boots 54 Boots Rare
Surgical Precision 54 Greatsword Rare
Rebellion 54 Greatsword Rare
Outburst 54 Scepter Rare
Pendulum of Reverberating Sentiment 54 Staff Rare
Demiloquitur 54 Staff Rare
Frozen Blur 58 Axe Rare
Saucer of Tears 58 Disc Rare
Collective Bow 58 Bow Rare
Rain Piercer 58 Bow Rare
Disinheritor 58 Axe Rare
Pitch & Yaw 58 Twin Swords Rare
Mayhem & Destruction 58 Twin Swords Rare
Vow of Retribution 58 Ring Rare
Culling Blade 58 Greatsword Rare
Steel Ballet 58 Greatsword Rare
Oryin's Bell Pendant 58 Necklace Rare
Fustilithe 58 Scepter Rare
Mobius Hoop 58 Earring Rare
Gather Round 58 Disc Rare
Apostle 58 Staff Rare
Mooring Post 58 Staff Rare
Distant Timber 58 Lance Rare
Dowsing Rod 58 Scepter Rare
Stormgate 58 Lance Rare
Viator Mail 57 Hauberk Rare
Ardent Tunic 57 Robes Rare
Blithe Wrapper 57 Robes Rare
Overcoat of Ardent Fire 57 Cuirass Rare
Shrouded Empathy 57 Cuirass Rare
Grievous Chestplate 57 Hauberk Rare
Spright Steps 57 Shoes Rare
Gracile Wristlets 57 Sleeves Rare
Tendersteel Handguards 57 Gauntlets Rare
Ferocious Gauntlets 57 Gauntlets Rare
Blister Stops 57 Gloves Rare
Bracers of Grief 57 Gloves Rare
Bindings of Bloodrage 57 Sleeves Rare
Tearful Trackers 57 Boots Rare
Tough Hobnails 57 Boots Rare
Stalwart Stompers 57 Greaves Rare
Fiery Chasers 57 Shoes Rare
Greaves of Passage 57 Greaves Rare
Whisper of Excess 55 Earring Rare
Mark of the Underworld 55 Ring Rare
Cascade of Mosscrystals 55 Necklace Rare
Bonecruncher 58 Axe Rare
Battlescar Mail 58 Hauberk Rare
Clarion Robes 58 Robes Rare
Battleflame Robe 58 Robes Rare
Crusader Cuirass 58 Cuirass Rare
Auroral Tunic 58 Cuirass Rare
Stellar Hauberk 58 Hauberk Rare
Battlemaster Wraps 58 Gloves Rare
Salvation Stand 58 Lance Rare
Defender's Uproar 58 Lance Rare
Confess & Profess 58 Twin Swords Rare
Rumble & Roar 58 Twin Swords Rare
Radix 58 Disc Rare
Rattling Topspinner 58 Disc Rare
Squabblender 58 Axe Rare
Brigade Boots 58 Boots Rare
Dawnlit Boots 58 Boots Rare
Exotic Bow 58 Bow Rare
Greaves of Discord 58 Greaves Rare
Starlit Steelboots 58 Greaves Rare
Shrieking Arc 58 Bow Rare
Twilightoes 58 Shoes Rare
Wrath's Whisper 58 Earring Rare
Chatterod 58 Scepter Rare
Astrum Cuffs 58 Sleeves Rare
Vocablade 58 Greatsword Rare
Babbling Bloodblade 58 Greatsword Rare
Notionate 58 Staff Rare
Curious Metal Band 58 Ring Rare
Elucid Gloves 58 Gloves Rare
Channeler's Staff 58 Staff Rare
Crossed Swords Pendant 58 Necklace Rare
Battalion Grips 58 Gauntlets Rare
Frontrunner Shoes 58 Shoes Rare
Battleguide Bindings 58 Sleeves Rare
Fists of Energy 58 Gauntlets Rare
Rancorod 58 Scepter Rare
Aeru Rune Runes Rare
Black Hole 55 Ring Rare
Keening Cry 55 Earring Rare
Howling Cat Cameo 55 Necklace Rare
Bow of the North Shore 54 Bow Rare
Mawkmaker 54 Scepter Rare
Icebreaker 54 Axe Rare
Pirate's Keel 54 Axe Rare
Pervicacious Pest 54 Bow Rare
Frostsedge 54 Greatsword Rare
Salutary Pole 54 Staff Rare
Staff of Long Winters 54 Staff Rare
Chilling Spine 54 Scepter Rare
Uncommon Valor 54 Lance Rare
Glacial Wall 54 Lance Rare
Juxtaposed Trials 54 Twin Swords Rare
Coldsnap & Frostbite 54 Twin Swords Rare
Slateygyre 54 Disc Rare
Shivermaker 54 Disc Rare
Solecism 54 Greatsword Rare
Darkfire Boots 54 Boots Rare
Stretchsteel Breastplate 54 Hauberk Rare
Nightshine Robe 54 Robes Rare
Brushed Destiny 54 Robes Rare
Wishing Shoes 54 Shoes Rare
Dayblaze Shoes 54 Shoes Rare
Publician's Footwear 54 Greaves Rare
Evenglow Greaves 54 Greaves Rare
Envious Boots 54 Boots Rare
Twilit Bracers 54 Gloves Rare
Bullseye Bracers 54 Gloves Rare
Dreamfire Gauntlets 54 Gauntlets Rare
Starplex Gauntlets 54 Gauntlets Rare
Manaflame Bindings 54 Sleeves Rare
Manafire Hauberk 54 Hauberk Rare
Cuirass of Silence 54 Cuirass Rare
Dayflare Vest 54 Cuirass Rare
Wave of the Charmer 54 Sleeves Rare
Naga Needler 58 Bow Rare
Implacable Tension 58 Bow Rare
Wrath's Cleaver 58 Axe Rare
Quick Release 58 Axe Rare
Suspended Animus 58 Disc Rare
Twisted Knot of Wire 58 Ring Rare
Rewarding Walkers 58 Shoes Rare
Shoes of the Serene 58 Shoes Rare
Transit Treads 58 Greaves Rare
River Round 58 Disc Rare
Epicurean & Stoic 58 Twin Swords Rare
Young & Restless 58 Twin Swords Rare
Charger's Rod 58 Scepter Rare
Unswinging Pendulum 58 Scepter Rare
Becalmed Staff 58 Staff Rare
Battle Lance 58 Lance Rare
Grim Reaper 58 Greatsword Rare
Regimental Blade 58 Greatsword Rare
Xermetal Neckguard 58 Necklace Rare
Feather Dangle 58 Earring Rare
Mysterium Standard 58 Staff Rare
Wall of Strength 58 Lance Rare
Will-Breaker's Greaves 58 Greaves Rare
Will-Breaker's Gauntlets 58 Gauntlets Rare
Coinage Chainmail 58 Hauberk Rare
Will-Breaker's Plate 58 Hauberk Rare
Robe of the Serene 58 Robes Rare
Audacious Outerwear 58 Robes Rare
Strongmind Gloves 58 Gloves Rare
Cuirass of the Curious 58 Cuirass Rare
Strongmind Vest 58 Cuirass Rare
Steeldrama Gauntlets 58 Gauntlets Rare
Bindings of the Serene 58 Sleeves Rare
Accelerator Boots 58 Boots Rare
Gloves of Ease 58 Gloves Rare
Strongmind Boots 58 Boots Rare
Lux Cuffs 58 Sleeves Rare
Serrated Tooth Earring 55 Earring Rare
Keyrune of Titans Runes Rare
Ringwright's Curse 55 Ring Rare
Ancient Gorget 55 Necklace Rare
Flicker & Flutter 54 Twin Swords Rare
Frontline Orphans 54 Twin Swords Rare
Trader's Cuirass 54 Cuirass Rare
Actuator Rod 54 Scepter Rare
Winsteel Hauberk 54 Hauberk Rare
Fire-Forged Mail 54 Hauberk Rare
Twitchy Terete 54 Disc Rare
Coruscant Coil 54 Disc Rare
Bloodbattery 54 Axe Rare
Chopaxe of the Untiring 54 Axe Rare
Flame-Stitched Jerkin 54 Cuirass Rare
Baiting Bow 54 Bow Rare
Conducting Arc 54 Bow Rare
Circuitbreaker 54 Lance Rare
Aegis of the Amani 54 Lance Rare
Robe of the Morningstar 54 Robes Rare
Stellar Trekkers 54 Shoes Rare
Haunting Slippers 54 Shoes Rare
Horseman's Boots 54 Boots Rare
Flame-Stitched Boots 54 Boots Rare
Softweave Sleeves 54 Sleeves Rare
Steeltreads of the Hawk 54 Greaves Rare
Steel Skyclaws 54 Gauntlets Rare
Fire-Forged Gauntlets 54 Gauntlets Rare
Stargraspers 54 Sleeves Rare
Sparkpoint 54 Greatsword Rare
Broker's Gloves 54 Gloves Rare
Flame-Stitched Gloves 54 Gloves Rare
Wanderpole 54 Staff Rare
Twinkling Pillar 54 Staff Rare
Heinous Reaper 54 Greatsword Rare
Direwand 54 Scepter Rare
Lifeshaper Robe 54 Robes Rare
Fire-Forged Greaves 54 Greaves Rare