Named: Vekas [Wicked Tree]

Level: 4

Location: Island of Dawn

Item: Level Type Chance
Speed Potion Combat Supplies Rare
Arunic Panacea Combat Supplies Rare
Dawnhide Crafting Material Very Low
Paverune of Arun Runes Very Low
Paverune of Shara Runes Very Low
Sun Essence Crafting Material Very Low
Verdra Fibers Crafting Material Very Low
Krymetal Ore Crafting Material Very Low
Mana Elixir II Combat Supplies Rare
Lesson: Tier 1 Leather Extraction Scroll Rare
Lesson: Tier 1 Alchemy Extraction Scroll Rare
Lesson: Tier 1 Metal Extraction Scroll Rare
Lesson: Tier 1 Cloth Extraction Scroll Rare
Bomb II Miscellaneous Very Low
Thorn & Bloom 4 Twin Swords Very Low
Bole of Vekas 4 Lance Very Low
Blade of Vekas 4 Greatsword Very Low
Bane of Vekas 4 Axe Very Low
Heart of Vekas 4 Disc Very Low
Logrolling Boots 4 Boots Very Low
Sappy Shoes 4 Shoes Very Low
Canopy Sleeves 4 Sleeves Very Low
Pruning Gloves 4 Gloves Very Low
Treefelling Gauntlets 4 Gauntlets Very Low
Tannen-tint Robes 4 Robes Very Low
Treejack's Jacket 4 Cuirass Very Low
Bark of Vekas 4 Hauberk Very Low
Taproot of Vekas 4 Scepter Very Low
Branch of Vekas 4 Staff Very Low
Bough of Vekas 4 Bow Very Low
Stump Thumpers 4 Greaves Very Low
Scroll of Resurrection Scroll Rare
Mana Elixir I Combat Supplies Rare
Onslaught Charm I Combat Supplies Rare
Ethereal Charm I Combat Supplies Rare
Sanguine Charm I Combat Supplies Rare
Campfire Miscellaneous Very Low
Safe Haven Teleport Scroll Scroll Rare
Named: Vekas