Monster: Bastion Lancer

Level: 20

Location: Secret Base

Item: Level Type Chance
Trail Chopper 22 Axe Rare
Steersman's Grips 22 Gauntlets Rare
Algid Gloves 22 Gloves Rare
Driving Gloves 22 Gloves Rare
Eldest Son's Cuirass 22 Cuirass Rare
Winter Mail 22 Hauberk Rare
Youngest Son's Hauberk 22 Hauberk Rare
Borealis Vest 22 Cuirass Rare
Apparition Blade 22 Greatsword Rare
Hounding Blade 22 Greatsword Rare
Revenant's Lance 22 Lance Rare
Destiny's Sanctum 22 Lance Rare
Ghost & Ghoul 22 Twin Swords Rare
Progress & Regress 22 Twin Swords Rare
Hyboreal Gauntlets 22 Gauntlets Rare
Life Cleaver 22 Axe Rare
Niveous Boots 22 Boots Rare
Boots of Superior Traction 22 Boots Rare
Inclement Steelsteps 22 Greaves Rare
Greaves of the Wayfarer 22 Greaves Rare
Sealed Krymetal Locket 20 Necklace Rare
Giant Pearl Stud 20 Earring Rare
Twist of Fate 19 Ring Rare
Squelching Cabochon Weapon Crystal Rare
Domineering Cabochon Weapon Crystal Rare
Noblesse Cabochon Armor Crystal Rare
Stalwart Cabochon Armor Crystal Rare
Dauntless Cabochon Armor Crystal Rare
Acrimonious Cabochon Weapon Crystal Rare
Hunter's Cabochon Weapon Crystal Rare
Backbiting Cabochon Weapon Crystal Rare
Soothing Cabochon Armor Crystal Rare
Mutinous Cabochon Weapon Crystal Rare
Anarchic Cabochon Armor Crystal Rare
Speed Potion Combat Supplies Very Low
Arunic Panacea Combat Supplies Rare
Recipe: Major Curative Scroll II Alchemy Recipe Very Low
Recipe: Major Scroll of Tenacity II Alchemy Recipe Very Low
Recipe: Major Caduceus Scroll II Alchemy Recipe Very Low
Clenched Fists 22 Gauntlets Rare
Ground Plower 22 Axe Rare
Rager's Greataxe 22 Axe Rare
Ebb & Flow 22 Twin Swords Rare
Ignominy & Defeat 22 Twin Swords Rare
Defender's Fenwall 22 Lance Rare
Dented Madman's Hauberk 22 Hauberk Rare
Mottled Mail 22 Hauberk Rare
Friction-Worn Gloves 22 Gloves Rare
Firekeeper Gloves 22 Gloves Rare
Scratched Hackers 22 Gauntlets Rare
Muddy Walkers 22 Boots Rare
Water-Proof Boots 22 Boots Rare
Greaves of the Long Sojourn 22 Greaves Rare
Tremulous Steelboots 22 Greaves Rare
Heartvine Jerkin 22 Cuirass Rare
Patchwork Jerkin 22 Cuirass Rare
Regimen Slicer 22 Greatsword Rare
Homestead Bulwark 22 Lance Rare
Redflood Sword 22 Greatsword Rare
Steelknot Stud 20 Earring Very Low
Oversized Locket 20 Necklace Very Low
Lesson: Tier 4 Leather Extraction Scroll Rare
Lesson: Tier 4 Alchemy Extraction Scroll Rare
Lesson: Tier 4 Metal Extraction Scroll Rare
Lesson: Tier 4 Cloth Extraction Scroll Rare
Twist of Misery 19 Ring Very Low
Mana Elixir III Combat Supplies Rare
Ethereal Charm II Combat Supplies Very Low
Sanguine Charm II Combat Supplies Very Low
Onslaught Charm II Combat Supplies Very Low
Sun Essence Crafting Material Very Low
Krymetal Ore Crafting Material Very Low
Dawnhide Crafting Material Low
Verdra Fibers Crafting Material Very Low
Bomb IV Miscellaneous Low
Paverune of Arun Runes Low
Paverune of Shara Runes Low
Mana Elixir II Combat Supplies Very Low
Scroll of Resurrection Scroll Very Low
Campfire Miscellaneous Very Low
Safe Haven Teleport Scroll Scroll Very Low
Monster: Bastion Lancer
Monster: Bastion Lancer