What is TERA Codex?
TERA Codex is your ultimate TERA resource. From the latest news, information, and guides, we hope that the TERA Codex will assist you in your journey to conquer Arborea.

Where do you guys get your information from?
Our information comes from several sources including: both the English and Korean Official TERA website, Korean TERA fansites, our own gameplay experiences and, you, the Players.

Are you in any way affiliated with 'En Masse'?
No. While we do attempt to support the game and its community as much as possible, TERA Codex is a game fansite and in no way directly affiliated to 'En Masse' or any of its affiliates.

Do you get any special benefits?
No. We are TERA fans and gamers just like everyone else.

Is TERA Codex your job?
Of course not! We can assure you that all of us have lives outside of the Codex. The Codex is simply a hobby that all of us have and are happy to share with other players.

How much time do you spend on TERA Codex?
Countless hours have been spent in creating and developing this resource. It is without-a-doubt something that requires much dedication and hard-work. We hope that the TERA community will find our site useful and support us as we continue to develop the site. While we all have jobs outside of the TERA Codex project, we will do our best to provide the most helpful and up-to-date resources for everyone.

Can I join the TERA Codex team?
Although running a fansite is a great hobby, it is also something that requires a great amount of commitment and trust. We are always scouting for qualified contributors to join our team and, if you feel that you got what it takes, please contact hanabi@teracodex.com.

TERA Codex Staff

Founder: Hanabi
Email: hanabi@teracodex.com

Founder: Gyradoser